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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!‘

Naked charity: More than 2,500 women set a new world record for skinny dipping at Magheramore beach in Ireland to raise money for a local cancer charity, beating the previous record that stood at a mere 786 people.

Raising an eyebrow: Researchers at the University of Toronto have discovered that having thick and well-groomed eyebrows is a sign of a narcissistic personality.

Out of this world: Astronauts from the International Space Station have presented the Pope with his very own spacesuit personalised with a white cape.

Today’s the day: If, like me, you’ve forgotten that today is Father’s Day here are a few belated gift ideas. How about a shark attack hat, pizza in a bag, (and on that theme, a pizza towel), a bottle opener from an AK-47 ammunition clip or if your dad sports a trendy beard, perhaps some of the beard charms on the right.

Old money: A stash of World War Two banknotes worth £1 million has been found under the floorboards of a shop in Brighton.

Messi haircut: The World Cup is well underway and if you really want to get into the spirit of footie, forget those naff car window flags and get yourself a hair tattoo of your favourite player like the one of Messi on the left.

You did what?! A woman in Minnesota thought it would be a good idea to stick her head inside the exhaust pipe of a truck and got it stuck for 45 minutes.

Psychic cat: In 2010 it was Paul the Octopus that was predicting the World Cup results, then in 2014 there was an entire menagerie of psychic creatures, so I’m pleased to say that Russia has its very own feline oracle in the shape of Achilles, a deaf white cat from Russia’s Hermitage Museum.

What a marvel: Rick Scolamiero from Edmonton, Canada, has set a world record for having the most Marvel characters tattooed on one body, a total of thirty-one including the likes of Spiderman and Wolverine as you can see from the video on the right.

Brief lives: Singer Teddy Johnson who with wife Pearl Carr represented the UK in the 1959 Eurovision; Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan; London’s first paparazzo Ray Bellisario; portrait painter of the famous Michael Noakes and; Dirty Den actor Leslie Grantham.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th June 2018

    The lasses on Magheramore beach probably needed warming up after their chilly dip in the sea. I would have happily volunteered to give them a good rub down if they had formed an orderly queue.

    Also – COME ON ENGLAND! I predict England 4 Tunisia 1 with goals from Greaves, Finney, Dixie Dean and Rooney.

  • Steve 18th June 2018

    That story about the found money is pretty amazing. Is the money still any good, I wonder? Could it be deposited in a bank? If the police are holding it “for safekeeping” that seems to suggest it’s still legal tender.

    When will people realize that tattoos are PERMANENT?!

  • Roger Green 20th June 2018

    None of the American reporters understand soccer, er, football. Among other things, they say, 1-nothing or 1-zero, instead of 1-nil

    • Trevor Rowley 26th June 2018

      The use of the expression “soccer” (for football) was not uncommon when I growing up in Forties and Fifties England. However, it was used more as a slang expression and would rarely, if ever, be heard on radio (eg when the day’s football results were being read out (always referred to as the “classified” results). We have to assume that the term came from the shortening of the word Association, as in Association football – the governing body in England being the Football Association. As boys we often referred to football affectionately as “togger” – which would appear to be north of England slang – as in “who fancies a game o’togger?” We used to call the football a case ball (or “casey”). The inside was a thickish rubber balloon and the outer case was made up of panels of leather stitched together to create the ball. The whole thing was fastened into shape by leather laces fed through eye holes in the leather. The final task was to inflate the ball with a special pump. In wet weather, the ball became a sodden weight which was almost impossible to head without causing some lasting damage to the player.

      The Americans appear to have their take on the game and we have ours. The rest of the world seem to be somewhere in between. All the best, Roger.

  • Trevor Rowley 20th June 2018

    Can a leopard change its spots? Perhaps occasionally but usually not, I would suggest. Last week, Mr Pudding took great delight reminding the world that the (only just) lately dead, Peter Strigfellow, was a lecher (and he may well have been). Then this week, he’s volunteering to “stimulate” a large number of naked women who have chosen to gather on a beach in Ireland. Make your mind up fella – do you want to be a goody or a baddy.


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