Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!‘

And the winner is: Social media got itself in a tizzy this week thinking that a 1997 episode of The Simpsons had predicted a Portugal vs Mexico World Cup final. (See the video) A nonsense, of course, since they are both in the same half of the draw.

Childish things: A woman flew 4,000 miles from America to Scotland just to tag a friend in an epic game of international tag. It could make a movie.

Get away from it all: Fed up with a world that is going to the dogs? Why not apply to become a citizen of Asgardia, the self-proclaimed utopian society to be established in space under the presidency of Russian billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli. (You might have second thoughts when you learn that the head of its parliament is Lembit Opik.)

Inflation: A crowd-funding group has produced a giant blimp of Donald Trump and have launched a petition to allow them to fly it over London during the president’s visit in July.

Make-over: A 500-year-old effigy of St George in a chapel in the Spanish town of Estella has been ‘restored’ by a local handicrafts teacher and the mayor isn’t happy about it.

See-through: A Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak is a step nearer reality according to Muggle scientists in America.

Speaking of Harry Potter: In this video of a missing cat poster, puss appears to move its head to follow the camera like it has escaped from Azkaban, but really just an optical illusion caused by the corrugated wall it is pinned to.

Brief lives: Walter Bahr, the last survivor of the American team that beat England 1-0 at the 1950 World Cup; co-founder of Atari and creator of Pong Ted Dabney; Heinrich Himmler’s daughter Gudrun Burwitz; sci-fi story writer Harlan Ellison; former South Korean premier Kim Jong-Pil and; Joe Jackson, father of The Jacksons.

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  • Roger Green 4th July 2018

    Good luck with the blimp, and what it represents.


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