Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!‘

Cunning: We’ve all witnessed the lengths that some people will go to to keep the seat next to them free on crowded trains but now an American company has come up with their ‘Seat Saver’ range of fake food and drink spills to discourage interlopers.

The Gran Tour: Three grannies from Eccles, near Manchester, were sent on a five-day driving tour of Catalonia in an imitation of The Grand Tour.

It could be you: Self-described philosopher-mathematician Stefan Mandel managed to win lotteries across the world fourteen times thanks to his number-picking algorithm.

Name game: One in five millennials would choose or change their child’s name to match available website domain names.

Carbuncle: The new Redrock leisure centre new where I live in Stockport has made the shortlist for the UK’s ugliest building. I tend to agree as far as the exterior is concerned although the cinema is very luxurious.

Owzat! Jonathan Agnew lured professional Yorkshireman Geoffrey Boycott into yet another carefully laid trap.

Brief lives: Burnley footballer Jimmy McIlroy; Vietnamese soldier and journalist Bui Tin; Odd Couple playwright Neil Simon; Burnley and Northern Ireland midfielder Jimmy McIlroy; anti-Mafia campaigner Rita Borsellino and; American presidential candidate John McCain;

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  • Kate 3rd September 2018

    That fake food site… good gracious! I got lost there, and had even convinced myself I needed some fake fruit. Luckily I unconvinced myself again.

  • Roger Green 6th September 2018

    Yes, the fake food thing is just another step in our own demise as a civilized people.

  • Kate 16th September 2018

    Ha Ha Roger! I would have thought other things more causal, but then again, if we are talking about a simple correlation, you may be right!


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