Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense that caught my eye this week.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Deck the halls

For an unusual piece of house bling, try the giant inflatable and illuminated bottle of Ranch dressing. And for your tree, this seasonal Star Wars Death Star tree topper.

It’s a cracker

The annual Christmas cracker joke competition winner is: ‘What does Donald Trump do after he pulls a cracker? – Pays her off’

Speaking of Trump

It emerged this week that when you search images on Google for the word ‘idiot’ pictures of The Donald top the results.

We wants it

After an appalling week for her Brexit deal, Theresa May seems to be bearing up well, or at least that’s what she tries to portray. This leaked video from Number 10 tells a different story.

Meanwhile, north of the border, members of the Scottish show they have more important things than Brexit on their plates – namely ‘gingerbread persons’ rather than ‘gingerbread men’. (Why ‘persons’ for goodness sake? What’s wrong with ‘people’? As in ‘A People’s Vote’, for example.)

Thumbs down

YouTubes annual Rewind video for 2018 has managed to rack up more than twelve million dislikes in just over a week.

Christmas Gift Ideas

For the man who has everything, this self-contained autonomous mechanical band that uses 17 instruments built into its cabinet to generate your very own Hootenanny.

Less expensive ideas include this Bluetooth Banana Phone, a novelty skull shaped tissue box and an X Files Barbie as Dana Scully.

More Robert than Robot

Russia’s state-of-the-art robot turned out to be a man in a robot suit.

You can’t handle the truth

Top of a list of notable quotes of 2018 was the assertion that ‘truth isn’t truth’ made by The Donald’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Other gift ideas

Going down a storm in South Korea are these Kim Jong Un moisturising face masks while for those of an even more daring nature try a Snail Secretion Face Mask.

Not so silent

A massive ensemble of 835 tuba players performed Silent Night in Kansas City smashing the previous Guinness World record set by 502 tuba players in California in 2007.

Brief Lives

Designer of the world’s first true word processor Evelyn Berezin; Baptist evangelist and cat burglar Ray Hill; purported heir to Howard Huges’ fortune Melvin Dummar and; actor and director Sondra Locke;

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 16th December 2018

    I wonder what your beloved will give you this Christmas. Perhaps “Cecil Rhodes: Flawed Colossus” by Brian Roberts or a battered old charity shop copy of “Take Me Home, Country Rhodes and Other Hits” by John Denver (1991). I appreciated the secret clip from Downing Street – almost as comical as the real Theresa May.

  • Trevor Rowley 17th December 2018

    Mr P is much too busy to worry about what his other half might be buying him for Christmas this year. He’s spending, more or less, all his free time putting the finishing touches to his next book, “How I learnt to put up with boastful Yorkshiremen and get on with enjoying life this side of the Pennines.”


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