Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense that caught my eye this week.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

A horse in pyjamas

Scientists have dressed horses in zebra suits to work out why their cousins have stripes. And it’s to confuse parasites. Of course, the real mystery is whether zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Drunk in charge

Bars in Hanoi are cashing in on the summit between Trump and Kim with diplomacy-themed cocktails and beers.

What is the point of Jeremy Corbyn?

Mitch Benn will no doubt suffer dog’s abuse from the Corbynistas after posting his new song below, but he surely has a point.

Brexit bricks it

At a time when we have the worst PM since the war, the worst leader of the opposition since the war facing the worst crisis since the war, it is hardly surprising that we are seeing an upsurge in political satire in video. I particularly enjoyed Jacob Rees-Mogg’s message for the common people and Jonathan Pie on The Centre Ground.

Enjoy the view

The Dragon and the FlameThis stunning photograph taken in the Peak District won the competition to celebrate the 7oth anniversary of National Parks.

Feeling blue

A small town in Germany was the venue for the largest ever gathering of people dressed as smurfs.

Snowna Lisa

Someone took advantage of the cold conditions to create a giant Mona Lisa from the snow lying on an ice pond.

Babe-braham Lincoln

A statue of Abraham Lincoln as a bare-chested young stud sent Twitter into meltdown.

Brief Lives

George MendonsaFlying Finn Matti Nykänen the greatest ever ski jumper; actor Bruno Ganz whose Hitler in Downfall spawned a recurrent meme like this one; detective John Stalker who investigated the Moors Murders and later sold sun-awnings; popular American poet Mary Oliver; fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld; a blast from my past Peter Tork; campaigner Belle Tutaev who founded pre-school playgroups and; George Mendonsa who was the sailor kissing in Times Square at the end of the second world war. (Can you believe that this iconic image has been hijacked by #MeToo?)

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  • Roger Green 27th February 2019

    I LOVE the Lincoln statue!

  • Trevor Rowley 4th March 2019

    I liked John Stalker. He always appeared to me as a capable and knowledgeable senior police officer who, at the same time, was modest and somewhat unassuming. If memory serves me correctly, he was an Oldhamer who attended the old Chadderton Grammar School. I don’t recall him having an involvement in the Moors Murders investigation but, then again, I only got as far as joining the massed search parties that combed Ashton-under-Lyne looking for the body of the missing John Kilbride.
    He seemed a supportive assistant to Chief Constable James Anderton, despite the constant criticism of Anderton’s policing style.
    I don’t recall much of the detail around the IRA shootings matter but should now read up on it.

    In recent years, he was regularly called upon to give an expert opinion of Police comings and goings in difficult cases, especially where controversy was involved. He always seemed to do this in a well informed and unbiased way and was certainly prepared to criticise senior officers for any failings where necessary. A good man.


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