Sunday Round-up

I missed last week’s round-up down to a combination of being very busy and a heavy cold. Time for a catch-up!

Sherlock CoinElementary

The Royal Mint has issued its Sherlock Holmes 50p piece to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Arthur Conan Doyle’s birth. They can be yours for £10 or £795 for a gold proof coin.

Speaking of money

Millions of $50 notes are circulating in Australia with the word ‘responsibility’ misspelt as ‘responsibilty’ three times.

Short and sweet

A student got full marks (and a warning) for an essay despite writing just nineteen words.

You talkin’ to me?

Robert De Niro got his teeth into his latest roll advertising bagels for Warburton’s bakery.


A 16ft talking robot of Donald Trump sitting on a gold toilet is being shipped to the UK ahead of protests against the US president’s state visit.

Taking Care of Nigel

Despite having no manifesto and no members of his Brexit party, Nigel Farage can solve all your problem.

Doom averted

Things are looking grim for the UK under Brexit paralysis and yet it seems that doom has been avoided with news that four raven chicks have hatched at the Tower of London.

Reading room

A secret librarian has Tweeted the twenty-eight things she has learned from her job.

Free beer tomorrow

A brewery got its stolen van back in just 42 minutes after offering free beer for its safe return.

Back to Nigel

Jonathan Pie looks at your voting options for the forthcoming EU elections…that we weren’t supposed to be having.

Brief Lives

Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke; former teachers’ union leader Doug McAvoy; Monster Raving Loony Party candidate Lord Toby Jug; former MP and robust political interviewer Brian Walden; controversial comedian Freddie Starr; West Indies batsman Seymour Nurse; Mississippi’s first black mayor Unita Blackwell; Mexican wrestler Cesar Barron; Lindy Hop dancer Norma Miller; actress and singer Doris Day; architect IM Pei responsible for the Louvre pyramid and; radio DJ Russ Gibb who sparked the ‘Paul is Dead’ conspiracy.

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  • Roger Green 22nd May 2019

    Russ Gibb died before Macca. Irony, I suppose.


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