Away and Home

Having accepted an offer on our house and with nowhere to go we embarked on a hectic round of twenty viewings over two weeks in June.

We saw bungalows, houses and apartments but none quite ticked all the boxes. There is small and then there is too small. Others were lovely but out on a limb as far as amenities are concerned while others were madly overpriced.

We had all but given up hope of finding anywhere suitable until our penultimate viewing when we pulled up outside what is now our home. To be honest, we almost pulled out of the visit. To start with the price was well below our budget but by now we were getting desperate. And how glad I am that we did.

That’s it above, drawn by our daughter and framed as a Christmas gift. It is a weaver’s cottage in Hollingworth and although we had ‘no stairs’ on our checklist it is spread over three floors. On the ground floor are an open plan kitchen and dining room, the lounge, a bedroom and shower room on the middle floor and two more bedrooms and a bathroom on the top floor.

It was built in 1804 and has been sympathetically modernised while keeping the original features such as the black wooden beams. And it just felt right from the moment we stepped inside.

We put in an offer that was accepted and the legalities slowly ground into gear when it all seemed to fall apart. Our buyers were pressuring us to complete the sale, finally giving us an ultimatum to complete by the end of July or they would withdraw. Obviously we were not about to agree to make ourselves homeless so the house went back on the market which worked out very well.

We had three viewings the following weekend with two couples vying for the house. Long story cut short, we ended up with an offer of the full asking price so our previous buyers did us a great favour.

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