Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense that caught my eye this week.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Roaring trade

A factory in Iran is one of the largest producers of American and Israeli flags churning out 2,000 a month specifically for burning during street protests. Of course, the organisation responsible for burning most flags are the American Boy Scouts.

Ancient genes

It seems we may have more Neanderthal DNA than previously thought. This probably explains social media.

Mystery of the deep

An extremely rare marine creature has been spotted off the coast of Western Australia. Usually found three kilometres below the surface, siphonophores, have only been spotted a handful of times across the world.

Speaking of mysteries

The long-lost wreck of the SS Cotopaxi ― a steamship referenced in movies, memes and myth ― has been discovered off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida almost a century after vanishing near the Bermuda Triangle.

Silly sausage

Officers from the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department gave a verbal warning to the driver of the Wienermobile left for not following the Move Over Law.

A dog’s life

If you have a pampered pooch then why not hire a party planner for him/her and their canine chums.


It is de rigueur to find a clairvoyant creature to predict the outcome of major sporting events and for tonight’s Superbowl we have Fiona the vomiting hippopotamus.

Brief Lives

The unnamed woman who died competing in a cake-eating contest to mark Australia Day; actor Neville Buswell who played Ray Langton in Coronation Street; Bob Shane lead singer with the Kingston Trio of Tom Dooley fame; dance photographer Anthony Crickmay; actor Michael J Pollard who played CW Moss in Bonnie and Clyde; basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and; broadcasting legend Nicholas Parsons. Below is the 45th anniversary televised edition of his Just a Minute radio show.

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  • Rhymeswithplague 4th February 2020

    Between the vomiting rhinoceros and the link between Neanderthal DNA and social media, this post can take home Th Very Droll Trophy!

  • Trevor Rowley 5th February 2020

    All I can remember about the Coronation Street character, Ray Langton, was that he worked for the local builder, Len Fairclough – I think he was Len’s apprentice/junior partner. Len always seemed to have a “thing” for the voluptuous, Elsie Tanner, played by Pat Phoenix. Sadly, Len’s actor, Peter Adamson, had a “thing” about young girls. He was accused of certain indiscretions in a public swimming pool in northern England (Burnley?) which seemed to herald the end of his acting career. Still can’t remember anything else about Ray Langton.


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