Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense that caught my eye this week.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Wash your mouth out

In these ultra-hygienic days, Russian artist Yulia Popova has come into her own by making models of foodstuffs out of soap.

What makes you funny?

You’re more likely to be considered ‘naturally funny’ if you are from the North of England, are taller than average and are the youngest child in your family according to The Beano comic.

Bless you

Social distancing has brought out the best in human ingenuity such as the Detroit priest who is using a water pistol to dispense holy water.

Speaking of social distancing

Customers in a Maryland restaurant get their take-out food surrounded by inflatable tubes to encourage social distancing.

And in other COVID news

A six-year-old in British Colombia has set up a walk-by joke stand to cheer up passersby, while you can avoid the summer solstice crowds at Stonehenge as English Heritage will livestream the sunrise celebrations. And in Belgium, A mother-daughter built a makeshift cardboard car to be able to get a McDonald’s drive-thru meal.

A world of colour

Crayola is launching a new range of crayons representing forty different skin tones to promote diversity.

Doggie doctorate

An eight-year-old Labrador retriever has received an honorary doctorate in veterinary medicine for his years of service as a therapy dog. In more depressing animal news, a film has been released giving a final glimpse of the extinct Tasmanian tiger.

What a gas

A Hong Kong shop is offering tear gas flavoured ice cream in support of the pro-democracy movement.

And finally

Would you pay £350 for a toaster? I thought not but the Japanese Balmuda steam oven toaster claims to make the perfect toast.

Brief Lives

Photographer Astrid Kirchherr who helped create the Beatles image; one of the great figures of the French resistance Cécile Rol-Tanguy and; Pretty Things frontman Phil May.

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  • rhymeswithplague 26th May 2020

    Crayola is to be applauded for its ingenuity but society at large to be deplored for its kowtowing to detail and political correctness. Just my opinion, of course.

    I can’t imagine that anyone would actually want to eat tear gas flavoured ice cream. What’s next? Flatulence flavoured?

  • Trevor Rowley 14th July 2020

    Here’s me, “piggybacking” again. I feel sure Mr P will allow me a little transgression. Two recent deaths which perhaps shouldn’t go unnoticed.
    Firstly, Steve Priest, bass guitarist with the British rampant glam-rock band, Sweet. They shot through the Seventies with hit after hit in the record charts and had worldwide success. Sadly, that success all but disappeared and, inevitably, the hits dried up. They each seemed to go their separate ways and singer, Brian Connolly’s death heralded their decline. A stunning TV documentary showed Brian reduced to trailing round the holiday camp circuit in one last attempt to resurrect his career following a string of heart attacks. Sadly, Brian’s efforts came to nothing and he finally succumbed to the ravages of alcohol and life on the road.

    Steve Priest was the “glamour boy” of the outfit who was more than willing to dress up and play the fool if it would get them noticed (which it did).

    Secondly, Judy Dyble, the original female vocalist with British folk-rock group, Fairport Convention. She featured on their first album, “Fairport Convention” and then, that was it, she was invited to leave as her voice “didn’t suit”. I thought she was absolutely delightful. See for yourself by checking out Judy’s accompanying vocals on “Reno Nevada” and “Time will show the wiser.”

  • Trevor Rowley 27th July 2020

    …and here’s another one. Peter Green died a few days ago. A more than able guitarist, he was one of the founder members of Fleetwood Mac (founded as Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac) who were prominent in the Sixties in the burgeoning British blues scene. After a few years of success, drugs and mental health issues appear to have affected him adversely and he eventually went into self-imposed isolation. After many years, a British TV documentary went in search of Peter and this showed him to be little more than a recluse and clearly a “shadow” of his former self – his musical career seeming to be abandoned. I believe he made a recovery from his former troubles but his life would never be the same again. Such a sad loss.

  • Roger O Green 4th August 2020

    missing you

  • rhymeswithplague 16th August 2020

    Hope all is well with you, Ian.


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