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Sunday Round-up

Best news of the week: Crystal Maze is to return to the tv screen after an absence of more than twenty years, alas without Richard O’Brien.

Mean what you say: It’s no good praising your dog unless you’re sincere because they can distinguish between positive and neutral words and when you mean it and when you don’t. I’d like to know how they trained the dogs to lie still in an MRI scanner. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Scourge of the pipes: Bagpipers are being warned of a potentially fatal consequence of their hobby as a Manchester man dies of ‘bagpipe lung’. Personally, I’d be more concerned for my eardrums.

Cry foul: It has been scientifically proven that boys are better than girls at spotting an offside goal because they play more team sports. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Making-up isn’t hard to do: A row is brewing among the horse show set about whether it is fair or proper to plaster the horses with mascara, foundation and hair extensions to make them more attractive to the judges.

Mind you, sometimes you just have to do it, like Bob the stallion who has had hair extensions to his tail to help him swish the flies away. Read more ›››

Trouble at Mill

Despite its high ideals, the quadrennial bout of patriotism that the Olympics engenders I find vaguely disturbing. And I confess that I’m as guilty as anyone else.

There we sit on our sofas cheering when one of our lads dives in a pool or kicks their someone round the head or paddles down artificial rapids, and cheer even louder if the opposition makes a pig’s ear of things. Read more ›››