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How hard can it be?

How hard can it be?

Here’s something a bit different — a review of a book that I haven’t finished reading yet, except that I have. I should probably explain.

How hard can it be? is the fourth collection of musings by Jeremy Clarkson, the bête noir of the ‘eco-mentalists’, ‘vegetablists’, the Guardian, media luvvies and the Morris Marina Owners’ Club. Read more ›››

L is for Lion of Vienna

Soccer - FA Cup Final - Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United - Wembley Stadium

It may seem odd, but I never saw many of my sporting heroes play their game. Harold Larwood, for example. Perhaps the fastest of fast bowlers and yet he played his last game of cricket in 1938, long before I was born.

But for this ABC Wednesday post, my subject is Nat Lofthouse, also known as the Lion of Vienna and one of the great football centre forwards who last played when I was only six years old. Read more ›››

Shah of the Sahara

One of the things we’d promised ourselves while we were in Cape Town was to take in a match at Sahara Park, the famous Newlands test cricket ground which is where we were on Friday night.

It was a Pro 20 match between the Cape Cobras and the reigning champions, the Chevrolet Warriors from Port Elizabeth which the Cobras had to win for a place in the semi-finals. Read more ›››

New Face of Sky

Now we know why the Daily Mail has stuck the knife into Andy Gray — they’re lining up their own man for the lucrative £1.7 million a year job.

As reported today, Ambam the silverback has mastered walking upright without dragging his knuckles and is now working on his onscreen persona. Read more ›››

Sky’s the Limit

One of the great innovations brought by digital tv is the ability to pause a live broadcast if you have other things to do. Like answering the door or the phone, or feeding the dog.

Very handy, although I do feel a little guilty at making everyone else in the country drum their impatient fingers while I make a cup of tea, but that’s progress for you. Read more ›››

The Bigger Picture ™

I was watching the Arsenal and Man City game on the telly last night. It was a pretty dull affair and I was idling my time thinking about the difference between watch a match live at the ground or on the box when it suddenly occurred to me how tv coverage could be improved.

It happened in the first half when Gareth Barry launched a long pass from the middle of the park to the left wing. I assumed he must have seen something I hadn’t and as the camera followed the ball I found I was right because there was not a blue or red shirt in sight. Read more ›››

Osama Bin Blatter

I read the other day Sarah Palin has branded Julian Assange “an anti-American operative with blood on his hands” who should be hunted down and dealt with like Taliban or Al-Qaeda leaders for spilling the top secret beans.

If I were a US politician, I would be seeking vengeance closer to home. If these documents and communiques were a) so secret and; b) so sensitive, what were they doing allowing someone free access to a quarter of a million of them? Read more ›››

Up for the Cup

Just a few hours before the venue for the 2018 World Cup is announced with lots of UK media types on a jolly to Zurich with Willie Windsor and Dukes Dave and David lobbying FIFA on behalf of England.

The big worry this week is that our chances may have been scuppered by the BBC Panorama programme on Monday alleging all sorts of corruption by the deciding officials, not to mention FIFA’s demands for tax-free status for the duration. Read more ›››