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Out of Flunter

Completely out of flunter. And it’s all because of the Ashes. Play didn’t start until midnight, UK time, and I promised myself that I would watch for maybe an hour or so before going to bed, but seldom managed to tear myself from the telly before 3am.

After five nights of this, I was feeling somewhat zombiefied. I held on last night willing Strauss to declare, but finally gave up with England 505-1 and a draw a certain outcome. Good match though. Read more ›››

Boxer Rebellion

My dad used to box when he was younger and still bears the scars — a cauliflower ear and a perforated eardrum. He tried to teach me the noble art when I was younger, him on his knees showing me how to guard my chin with my fists and my body with my elbows.

He wanted to make sure I could look after myself when the rough and tumble got out of hand. I quickly discovered though that it was an even better idea not to put myself in that position in the first place and I managed to get through school without ever being the subject of the chant: “Fight! Fight! Fight!” Read more ›››

A Worker is Worthy of His Wages*

How on earth can it be right for someone to earn £10 million a year for kicking a ball around? When the rest of country is facing £81 billion in government spending cutbacks and millions are fearful for the jobs?

That was the general tone of the media and public reaction to the Wayne Rooney will-he-won’t-he leave Manchester United story this week. I’ve completely ignored it here so as not to allow my considerable influence to affect the negotiations, but here is an observation now it’s over. Read more ›››

No Angel

I listened to much of the final day of the Ryder Cup on the car radio, but managed to get home in front of the telly for the last 30 minutes or so. A great day for golf and for Europe. It was rather ironic that this sport loved by many conservative anti-Europeans should have them teary-eyed as Ode to Joy was played.

As for me, I’m a tad cross that I haven’t yet been able to find my abiding image of the tournament anywhere on the web. Read more ›››

Wet in Wales

I was rather concerned about the fate of the Ryder Cup golfers yesterday. All that rain and the Americans in waterproofs that weren’t. They regularly come off if there is any signs of lightning, but there were previously unknown risks at Celtic Manor 24 hours ago.

09:35 and we’re wondering whether the weather will relent when Maureen Madill on FiveLive says: “I can see signs of radioactivity on the greens.” Read more ›››

I is for Idiot

Further to my last ABC Wednesday posting, H is for Hyde, Ricky’ Hitman’ Hatton’s reputation has taken a turn for the worse.

If it had come a little sooner then I could have included H is for Heroin last week. Except that it was cocaine. Read more ›››

Commentator’s Claret-y

There was considerable pressure to ban alcohol from football grounds in the 1970s and 1980s and it is commonly assumed that this was a response to growing crowd violence and hooliganism.

In fact it was an attempt to stop BBC commentators making complete asses of themselves as this half-time report from the League Cup replay between the Uniteds of Manchester and Oxford illustrates. Read more ›››

Osama Bin Larwood

When I was messing around with the various images that appear above, the ones where the parrot appears somewhere, I really wanted to include one on a cricket theme. More specifically, the infamous Bodyline Ashes series of 1932/33.

I’ve always enjoyed cricket, although more as a spectator than a player. Playing the game is a little like war — long periods of mindnumbing tedium interspersed with short spells of gut-wrenching terror. Read more ›››