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Fred Perry and Bunny Austin

It has been quite a nostalgic weekend on the BBC, what with Andy Murray being the first Brit to make the men’s singles final for 74 years.

What a great excuse for dusting off archives and playing the clipped home counties accent of the commentary from 1938.

But it has at least reminded us who Bunny Austin and Fred Perry were. Read more ›››

Flaming June

Yen-Po Chen

With a month to go to the start of London 2012, I can’t say I seen a great wave of Olympic fever, despite the best efforts of the media to whip up the hysteria. Or perhaps it’s my world weariness.

Still I felt it incumbent on me to drum up my enthusiasm by taking time out yesterday to witness the Olympic torch on its 8,000 mile relay through the UK as it passed nearby in Stockport and Ashton. Read more ›››

T is for John Tarrant

The Ghost Runner

John Tarrant was possibly the greatest athlete of his generation who could break long-distance running records at will and yet his achievements were never acknowledged because of the rules governing amateurism and he is all but forgotten today.

Born in 1932 in Shepherd’s Bush, London, Tarrant, he was first abandoned by his father and then his mother died of TB during the war, leaving her son to the not so tender mercies of a children’s home. Read more ›››

Strip Soccer

Las Vegas Strip

It is a great source of amusement that we have been here for two weeks and yet have managed not to visit Vegas proper.

This isn’t strictly true as we did enjoy a late lunch at the Bellagio on Friday and took in a couple of performances of the dancing fountains, but we soon sought refuge back in peaceful Gagnier Boulevard. And I forgot my camera. Read more ›››

Poppy Shirted


At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, I found the brouhaha over whether the England football team should or shouldn’t wear a poppy embroidered on the shirts a little tiresome.

With all the other troubles in the world, getting your knickers knotted over this supposed act of remembrance seems a tad disproportionate to me. Read more ›››

Any colour as long as it isn’t black

Some of the most uncomfortable and unpleasant conversations I’ve had in pubs have begun with someone saying, “I not a racist, but…”

Usually they’re strangers or passing acquaintances who then demonstrate that racist is exactly what they are. I should tell them what I think of them, but I don’t, because of some perverse politeness, and simply walk away, making a mental note to avoid their company in future. Read more ›››

Exotic Football Results

I sometimes feel sorry for the rest of the world that enjoys watching Premier League football live on tv, but has to do so in the early morning or the middle of the night because of the time difference.

But if England has the most exciting football league in the world, we lag behind somewhat in our team names. Apart from a few uniteds. cities and plain FCs, albion, athletic, rangers and rovers is about as exciting the names get. Read more ›››

Down and Out Down Under

I didn’t write about the Rugby World Cup yesterday because there are at least two periodic readers from the North Wales area and I’m not one to intrude on private grief.

Not that I wasn’t supporting Wales as they took on France. I wouldn’t say that I became Welsh for the day, but I had hoped that the Red Dragons would prevail if only so we could be treated to another frantic week of taffymania in the media. Read more ›››