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Sunday Round-up

More Christmas gift ideas: For the woman who has everything, how about the pillow hat on the left? Or for the cat-lovers, there is the Licki Brush which allows you to groom your cat’s fur the way nature intended.

What a shower: I do some of my best thinking when I’m in the shower but what do others think about? Now you can find out on the Reddit Shower Thoughts page. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Snake lanes: With new technology comes new contests hence the International Drone Photography Competition. I particularly liked this ‘Infinite Road to Transylvania’ in Romania on the left.

It isn’t easy being green: Steve Whitmire has retired as the voice of Kermit the Frog, the role he took over after the death of Jim Henson in 1990. And Team Trump have auditioned to replace him. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Seeing the light: Another great idea from China – motorists caught dazzling other drivers by using full beam are made to stare into the lights of a police car for a minute as a punishment, although some think that isn’t long enough.

It pays to advertise: The Australian state of Northern Territory has been accused of coming up with the most offensive advertising campaign slogan. Read more ›››

The Conservative Brain

Good news – I managed to join the ‘liberal elite’ overnight, even as I slept. Mind you, so did 16 million other people who happened to vote to remain in the EU. How’s that for social mobility?

That’s what I am according to Theresa May’s worldview, as reported in the Daily Mail yesterday. Apparently, I find patriotism distasteful, think concerns about immigration parochial and views on crime illiberal. Read more ›››


Jimmy Savile

I’ve been slowly working through my blog to make the old posts fit the current design – resizing images, redoing the word count of the excerpts etc – and it’s been quite a trip down memory lane.

Sometimes it’s being reminded about interesting stuff, like Carlsberg once having a swastika on its label, sometimes wondering what on earth I thought was writing about, but once or twice looking back in sheer embarrassment. Read more ›››

End of an Era

It’s funny how you can feel that you someone really well even though you never met them, and yet they’ve entered your home on what feels like a daily basis for as long as you can remember.

One such is the doyen of Radio Five, Peter Allen, who retired today at the age of seventy. Well almost retired since he is returning in the autumn for a Sunday evening news review show. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Things I didn’t know last week: Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office and morgue has a gift shop where you can buy personalised body bags, toe tags and beach towels with a chalk body outline design. Sadly the store is offline at the moment. (Via the Danny Baker Show podcast)

Things I didn’t know last week 2: All the blue plaques in London commemorating the great and the good are made by husband and wife team, Sue and Frank Ashworth. Read more ›››

Don’t Spread Germans

Our copy of the government’s EU referendum leaflet landed on the doormat yesterday and I didn’t burn it as some have done, nor do I plan on returning it as The Express would have me do.

Whether it’s propaganda or public information depends on your point of view, but I actually read it from cover to cover and I can’t say I much wiser as a result. Read more ›››