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More Chocolate George?

At the bottom of all my posts you’ll find a reference to where I’ve filed it. I like to use fairly generic titles to avoid the list becoming too esoteric, but I must admit that it’s mostly for my own benefit so I can refer back to events and ideas more easily.

Having said that, some of those headings do get neglected and so this is by way of making up for my oversight. Read more ›››

Austerity Britain – Fireworks

My money-saving austerity tips was meant to be an occasional series, but given the date, I felt had to rush into post again with some ideas for Bonfire Night on the cheap.

Starting with the bonfire itself. My advice is simple — don’t bother.

You will need all the fuel you can lay your hands on for when the country has the gas and electric cut off in January. Read more ›››

Austerity Britain – Condiments


In these cash-strapped times when even countries are going to the wall, let alone mortgage defaulters, every drachma euro penny counts.

Which is why I’ve decided to share my money-saving tips in what might well become a long-running, occasional series.

First up, sodium chloride and how to keep your salt cellar full without boosting Saxa’s profits. Read more ›››