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What’s in a Name

I’m reading rather than writing this evening but this post by the Blue Witch is worth a look. Talk about what’s in a name. Speaking of fun with words, I meant to link to this interesting take on word play over at Feckinedjit a while ago. Bit of a bugger for the spellchecker mind.

Who Wants to be a Mi££ionaire?

Gosh, I am proud. I was checking my site stats today and there have been over a million page views since February 2003 and around 279,000 visits. Not all the blog I should stress.

Meanwhile, one of those “you know you’re getting old” moments. The one where your daughter tells you she’s off to see a band and instead of asking why, the question is who? Miss P and mates are off to see Athlete at the Apollo. Read more ›››

In the Club

I’m not a big joiner of clubs. To start with, I hate being pigeon-holed, that someone would assume the cut of my jib just from the badge I wear. “Any club that would have me as a member…” etc. Second, I’m am an increasing curmudgeon who only joins things to question its values.

Having been invited to join the Witanagmot Club back in August, I have since resisted. I’m not a “nationalist” other than not being too displeased to have been born in England, but I don’t rule out anyone else, barring the French. Read more ›››

Blessed are the Rule Breakers

If you’re wondering about the odd image left, it’s called The Rule Breaker by John Alexander and, as any rule breaker will tell you, the principal pleasure in rebelliousness is in knowing what the rules are so you can deliberately flaunt them.

Which is why I’m grateful to The Pink Windmill for pointing me towards these ten rules of blogging. Read more ›››

We Have An Entry

Thanks to Mark for his excellent entry for my Flash Gordon competition.

Blimey, I’m Loaded

My blog is worth $60,970.32. How much is your blog worth? I had no idea. So how do I get my hands on this £34,849.27?

Flash… Ah-haa!

I’m taking my ego in my hands here, so please bear with me. I thought I would set you, gentle reader(s), a creative challenge. Clicking on the snap above or here will take you to the Flash Gordon 20th anniversary DVD website.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a funny/topical/creative Flash comic. Read more ›››

Lost in the Post

It’s been a funny old week, me not posting I mean. I do try to keep it up, but there are days when the juices don’t flow. (Blimey, that last bit sounds like one of those spam emails for online pharmacies.)

I mean, there must have been something to talk about? Like the death of Ronnie Barker whose passing by far surpassed that of the Sacred Diana to my mind. (I can take the hate mail.) Read more ›››