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Cut to the Chase

Thanks Blognor. And the bloke in the red shirt is George Layton.


It has been one of those no-original-thought days. Not even a what-can-I-plagiarise moment.

I’ve been distracted by a DVD (the “Dad’s Army” collection now available as a part work and I’m sorely tempted — issue one on special offer, bought, and I hadn’t seen the very first episode before); Read more ›››

Two Candles on the Cake

Blimey. It’s Polly’s second birthday. I’ve been blathering here for two years now and yet it does seem two minutes since my first post. The thing I’ve enjoyed most are the ‘friends’ I’ve made in that time. I use the parentheses because, with one exception, I haven’t met you and don’t even know what most of you are called, save your nom de blogs.

So thanks for your company over the last two years and help yourself to a party hat and a piece of birthday cake. Read more ›››

Polly the Icon

If you cast your eyes northwards to your browser’s address panel, you should see a tiny Polly icon alongside my blog address. I say should because it seems to take both Firefox and IE a short time to register it, but there it will be and against my bookmark as well. (You do have this page bookmarked don’t you?) Read more ›››


Guess what’s doing my head in today.

Spam, the Final Solution

As the Birdman observes, this is what you call a spam filter:

A BOSS who bombarded Russian citizens daily with millions of unwanted emails advertising his firm, has been found dead.Vardan Kushnir was discovered in his Moscow flat on Sunday. He had suffered repeated blows to the head. The 35-year-old, who was head of three English learning centres, had angered Russians with his aggressive internet advertising policy. Read more ›››

Nothing Happened Today

The thing about this blog-writing lark is that you have to come up with an interesting incident or thought every day, more or less, well that’s the theory anyway. But as we know, in practice the theory is different.

There are days when you settle down at your keyboard, take a sip of beer or G+T, and review your day and think, “Christ on bike! Nothing happened today, nor an original thought (or one I delude myself it to be,) that would interest me, let alone the poor sods who might actually read this drivel.” Read more ›››


Ah, Saturday! Mrs P is out walking the dog, Ms P is at work and Master P has taken himself off to the shops with his mate. Peace and quiet.

What to do? I looked round the room and wondered about a bit of tidying up. Then I looked out of the window at the garden and thought about some pruning. In the end I did both. I sat at my PC and tidied up and pruned my blog roll. Read more ›››