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Welcome to the Velodrome

National Cycling Centre Home of British Cycling

I’ve been busy messing with my blog theme by taking out the Random World images that used to be on the right and replacing it with a feed from my Flickr pages. Unlike the previous plugin, this one pulls random images from my entire collection, rather than the most recent page.

I’ve also added a feed to my latest Pinterest images in the right hand column. If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, then you should. Apart from anything else, you can share my wonderful photos with the world! Read more ›››

Raising the Bard


Women’s boxing is one of the more controversial additions to the list of medals available at London 2012, but it isn’t entirely new to the Olympic calendar.

The sight of two women bashing each other round the head first appeared as a demonstration event at the 1902 games in Paris, but didn’t catch on. I suppose it was too much for Pierre de Coubertin’s French philogynous sensibilities to bear. Read more ›››

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

You may have noticed that there is a new subscribe service over at the top of the right hand hand column and that is what this post is all about. (Now found bottom right)

I’m trying out the Mail Chimp service, not for myself but for someone who is looking to add something like it to their website. Read more ›››

Busy Doing Nothing


I’ve had a bit of break from blogging and blogdom over the last few days for what I’d like to think are quite important reasons.

The Infinity Blade game on my iPad has taken up a fair bit of my time this weekend and, of course, there has been lots of sport on tv, from Andy Murray’s late night heroics at Wimbledon which was entertaining to Italy’s drubbing by Spain which wasn’t. Read more ›››

Editor’s Decision is Final

J Jonah Jameson

Last week Francisca bemoaned the inability to edit or delete comments on Shooting Parrots and I have to agree (with) her. It has been a bit of an oversight on my part and one I decided to rectify.

I figured it would be a straightforward function to add. All I would have to do is find a suitable WordPress plugin, install it and that would be that. Read more ›››

Unorthodox Spin

Chinaman Delivery

You live and learn don’t you? It was only after posting about Google Translate yesterday that using the term ‘Chinaman’ is considered derogatory.

In my defence, I thought it was probably preferable to using the phrase ‘simplified’ or ‘traditional’ Chinese as Google Translate describes it, and to be honest, ‘Chinaman’ isn’t a word that I use that often. Read more ›››

Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues

I have to start today with a thank you to Mr Plague who featured my ABC Wednesday posts yesterday. It is always satisfying to know that you blogging efforts are appreciated.

Not that I’ve been putting in much effort today because I’ve been too busy with other things, like adding Google Translate to my sidebar on the right. Read more ›››

Playing Nicely

Code is Poetry

With just over a week to go before we fly off to the US, it’s time to get down to all those essential preparations. Like messing around with my blog theme.

Having played with the Thesis framework for a couple of weeks, I thought it was time to a few ambitious tweaks that you can now see. Read more ›››