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Windsurfing Squirrel

Newman Darby

Ever since I was I was boy, I’ve collected ‘interesting’ bits of information. I put that in quotes because by interesting, I mean interesting to me. I can’t speak for anyone else.

I collected them like a squirrel gathers nuts, tasty kernels of facts that I then bury away somewhere because I know they’ll come in handy one day. Read more ›››

Democratic Deficit


It’s been a long time since I failed to vote in either a national or local election, but it looks as if there will be a first time come May when we’ll be away.

I thought we might be able to manage to get a postal vote, but these won’t be sent out until after we’ve left. The only other option is a proxy vote and relying on the kids to remember to go to the polling booth. Read more ›››

Spring Clean

Thesis Theme

It the time of year to clear out clutter, blow off the dust and give things a bit of a polish and I started with my blog template.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. The coding on my old theme had got a bit bloated, slowing it down, although that was mainly down to me messing around with too many WordPress plugins. Read more ›››

Writing Nothing At All

Isn’t it odd the way that blogger’s block can hit you out of the blue? One minute you’re all self-opinionated and the next there’s not a thought in your head, original or otherwise.

I did start a few posts, but they didn’t really go anywhere. For example, I began writing about Abu Qatada and the failed attempt to deport him to Jordan because of the risk of torture. I wondered if this involved him being force-read her autobiography and other ‘literary’ works. Read more ›››

Rolling Rice Krispies

I’ve embarked on my fourth round of ABC Wednesday, deciding this time to focus on people, famous or otherwise, and interesting things you may not know about them.

For example, did you know that Bob Dylan tried his hand at acting in the UK early in his career, appearing in a BBC play, Madhouse on Castle Street, in 1962? Perhaps you did, but it was news to me. Read more ›››

Going Dark

I went on strike yesterday in support of the poor and downtrodden that is Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales.

Not that I expect that anyone noticed, least of all the present and/or future incumbent of the White House, but it’s the thought that counts. Read more ›››

Missing Inaction

It isn’t like me to go without posting for so long, but we had an exhausting, sleep-deprived week last week that had me otherwise occupied.

The problem was the course work that my daughter had to complete over the Christmas holiday for the first part of her TEFL degree. It was an enormous task. Read more ›››

Normal Service Resumed

It is good to be back after my sojourn in Cleckhuddersfax. Apologies to anyone confused by the parochial surrealism of my Maurice Wilson posts and thanks to those who joined in via the comments.

The exciting news while I’ve been away is that Shooting Parrots was awarded the gold medal in the Laughing Horse Blog Awards for 2011. Read more ›››