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Christmas Lull-aby

I’ve been strangely quiet again on the writing front. I’m not sure why. I suspect it’s pre-Christmas preoccupation.

There is the usual dilemma over what gifts to get for whom, battling with the crowds at the supermarket (why do people start stocking up so early?), taking advantage of the free parking in Stockport and resolving not get so grumpy about the whole thing this year. Read more ›››

Fifteen Hundred

Grey Parrot

Supposing you pay attention to the page navigation bar above, you will have noticed that it reads ‘Page 1 of 151’. And since there are ten posts per page and one post on page 151, simple mathematics will tell you that this is the 1,501st since I began Shooting Parrots in 2003.

There were times when I didn’t expect to reach this personal milestone, not least during the hiatus caused by blogger’s block that became a yawning chasm when I wrote nothing for 18 months from July 2008 until May 2010. Read more ›››

Things you didn’t know you didn’t know

George Best

I was browsing my list of regular reads you can see listed on the right and came across this challenge from Roger, so decided to pick up the gauntlet.

If you could go back in time and relive one moment, what would it be? It would be a toss up between the birth of my daughter and a certain night in May 1968. I was on cloud nine for over a week after my daughter’s arrival and finally felt that I had grown-up. Read more ›››

The Funny Side of the Street


Jay over at the Depp Effect has started an ad hoc meme of occasional funny photos out there in the funny world,

This is my contribution from the Nyanga Township in Cape Town, click to enlarge. Not a patch on Jay’s latest photo, but I’m showing willing.

Anyone else care to join in? Read more ›››

Random Delusions of Identity

You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve changed the tag line of Shooting Parrots, dropping the Random Thoughts in a Random World in favour of Pick a delusion that helps get you through the day.

I like it because it sums up what most of us do when we wake. We get up and armour ourselves with whatever delusion stands between us and the rest of the day, whether it be God, science, Mammon or the Daily Mail. Or the opposite of the above. # Read more ›››

No Comment

An email from Jenny told me that she had tried to comment on one of my posts and had been unable to. All she got was a message saying that the service was temporarily unavailable.

It’s a problem that several people have reported previously and I’ve been at a loss to explain it. I’ve changed all sorts of settings and plugins, but still it persists, even though some people seem to have no trouble at all. Read more ›››

Widgets, Plugins and Headers

The reason I’ve been very quiet lately is because I’ve been up to my eyes with my new work website. I use Artisteer to create the basis for the theme and the first version of their Wordpress 3.0 upgrade was released on Friday. It’s very good, but the file structure is very different to the previous version so I had to re-learn. Read more ›››

Like Lazarus

I had quite a scare at the weekend when my blog first disappeared and then appeared again, but as a back to step one, “Hello World” Wordpress site. For quite some time it looked as if I might have lost seven year’s worth of posts down the digital drain.

It started with an invitation on my dashboard to upgrade WP from the recently launched v3.0 to 3.0.1. I clicked the automatic update button only to hit an ‘out of memory’ fatal error. Read more ›››