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Under Canvas

Not exactly the weather for camping this weekend, but then the camping I had in mind didn’t depend on clear skies. No, not ‘camp’ as in Right Said Fred dancing on a doily, but as in WordCamp UK which is where I am off too shortly for day two.

I’ve ended up there by happy accident. As a WordPress newbie, I’ve been blundering around for the last couple of months not really knowing what I was doing. Then I clicked WordCamp UK link out of idle interest and discovered it was here in Manchester, so I thought why not? Read more ›››


Blogger’s block affects us all at some time, but I’ve never gone as far as letting the web write it for me. At least that’s what RSS to Blog seems to offer, pulling content from the web to automatically update your blog without any of that tedious thinking stuff.

I had a look at the seven-day free trial to see what it might come up with for me, but the set-up wasn’t exactly easy to use and it didn’t suggest a single sentence I might use. All it did was mess up my WordPress settings that sent Polly into an infinite spin of a never to be completed script. Read more ›››

The Page Not Visited

I’m still messing around with the look of Parrots and with the various plug-ins and widgets. The problem, as with other blog services, is in getting carried away with all the gadgets and including them just because you can.

I’ve also spent some time working on my 404 page. According to all the guidance, it is important to offer more than just the usual error: page not found message, which it robably is, but it seems a lot of effort to put in on something that (hopefully) no-one will ever see, especially if you’re using the broken link checker plug-in. For what it’s worth, here’s mine. Read more ›››

Flying the Flag

No posts for a few days because I’ve been busy on other things, still to do with the blog. Not least, I’ve changed the layout so that there are two sidebars so that I can give more prominence to my links, especially Polly’s Crackers. Read more ›››

Good Copy Bad Copy

One of my pet hates is the way that mundane businesses have to make themselves sound more interesting and exciting by the use of hyperbole in their advertising. Or at least it used to be the inadequate, but the trend has spread all sectors of private and public organisations, large and small.

Everyone, it seems, needs a mission statement and a commitment to something, no matter how intangible — performance, excellence, quality, success, innovation, the list goes on. Read more ›››

Writing on the Wall


No post yesterday, not because of the usual trip to Stockport or because I was too busy watching England thump Australia in the T20 World Final, although I did both. Instead I was preoccupied with Aristeer, the blog theme creation software I got last week. It isn’t bad and fairly easy to use, even for a technoramus like me.

Anyway, I figured that having invested in the software, I should make the most of it and create a library of themes rather than having just the one. Read more ›››

As I Was Saying

Eighteen months plus is quite a gap between posts and not something to be explained away by blogger’s block.

The reality is that there was quite a bit going on in my life in 2008 and I simply lost the will to write. But I had always meant to return to these pages — I just didn’t get round to it until now. Read more ›››


I haven’t checked the stats bit of my website for ages. No seriously, I’m not that vain. The pages are there, take ’em or leave ’em. It’s nice that I average a little over 2,500 visits a day and that the total is heading for 1,000,000 (okay so I could care less), but in the great scheme of things does it really matter?

Anyway, out of idle curiosity I hit the Lycos stats page today and was astounded by the above. There were a couple of spikes last November and I’m not sure why. Read more ›››