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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Anyone one who knows me knows that I quite like distractions. Correction: I thrive on them. Give me a well-trodden path and I’m off into the undergrowth, picking over the detritus of life in search of something more interesting.

Tonight was an example in point. Unplanned, I wandered off into the undergrowth that is my family’s history. A few stones were lifted and I was off seeking answers to questions that I hadn’t even thought of asking. Read more ›››

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Yorkshire Pudding set one of those meme things going the other day, namely our top ten simple pleasures. Good idea and here are mine:

A full English breakfast that must include fried egg, mushrooms, baked beans, fried black pudding, Cumberland sausage, fried bread and full linen service. Read more ›››


I’ve been tagged by Jennytc.


1. Go write weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people!

2. Then leave a comment that says ‘You are tagged’ in their comments telling them to read your blog. Read more ›››

Your call may be recorded…

I’ve gone quiet again. There are several reasons:

1) I haven’t had much to add that is original to the great debate/waste of space that is Blogdom (as if I ever had.)

2) I’ve been busy. Saturday saw me conscripted into Mrs P’s ‘Clear the Garage’ project, an attempt to reclaim some lebensraum in that annex of the house that is never used for its intended purpose. Read more ›››

No Comment

Is it just me, or is the Blogger comments function misbehaving tonight? Each time I’ve tried to leave a witty and erudite contribution (in my dreams) I’ve been faced with the same word verification: ‘smenita’ and each time it has been knocked back.

So just for fun, a little quiz. I’ll reprise my comments and award points for correct answers, with one point for the subject I was commenting on and two points for the name of the blog, all of which are listed right, but only the Blogger ones obviously: Read more ›››

Blogger Beware

It can be a cruel world out there. Take care.

Down in the Dumps

Like Son of Groucho, I’ve been suffering from a bad case of blogger’s block this week. (Though SoG’s link to the fractal hand kept me entertained for ages.) I’m not sure why this should be, especially in a week when the government has been enjoying a ban-feste — fags, glorifying terrorism and not having an ID card. Not a bad haul even for this lot.

Regular readers will know I have nothing for or against the above, it’s the ‘ban’ word I have problems with. For many years I’ve laboured under the impression that smoking is a perfectly legal and tax revenue raising habit; that I live in a land that believes in freedom of speech and; that I don’t have to prove my existence (or lack of it) to anyone in authority unless I’ve been up to no good. Read more ›››

Never Be Lost For Words

Thanks to Son of Groucho for pointing me to the fascinating Word Count website. “Shooting” comes in as the 3,970th most used words, while “Parrots” is a distant 25,547. I especially like the fact that the consecutive words 992 to 995 are “America ensure oil opportunity.” Read more ›››