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Something odd has happened to my blogroll. That’s the Regular Reads section in the sidebar on the right.

I use a plugin called WP Social Blogroll and it used to list blogs I regularly visit in the order of who had posted most recently. It also gave the title of the post and if you clicked on it a list of recent posts would drop down. But now all it does is list the blog titles in alphabetical order. Read more ›››

Busy Busy Busy

This has been a hectic week one way and another. I was with my dad on Monday for my regular visit/shopping trip, then again today for his appointment with the hospital consultant.

His health isn’t brilliant and unlikely to get much better, so we will be regulars at the hospital for the foreseeable, in fact we’re due back there again next Friday for a bone scan. Read more ›››

The Mancunian Nasal Twang

Lancastrian Nose Flute

I am often asked what is the cause of the distinctive, almost lyrical, nasal twang in the Mancunian accent. The clue, of course, is in the question.

The Mancunian Nasal Twang is a small instrument of working class origin that has again become fashionable in certain parts of Manchester. Read more ›››

Zen and the Art of Car Maintenance


During my Buddhist training high in the Himalayas, we students would attempt to achieve enlightenment through meditation exercises, such as staring into puddles of water or sitting in the snow for hours on end dressed in nothing but a loincloth.

For years I practiced these techniques until the day finally arrived when I was allowed to glimpse the ultimate attainment of self-realisation – Zen through the art of car maintenance. Read more ›››

Homage to a Sex Goddess

Bessie addresses

We live in a political age when style trumps substance every time – think Blair’s Babes and Cameron’s Cuties – but we forget that the trend began in the aftermath of WWII with Attlee’s Angels. The surprise Labour victory of 1945 that ousted Churchill was founded on a new political philosophy – sex-appeal. The backbenches were suddenly filled with a new breed of MP who relied entirely on their looks… Bessie Braddock: Sex Goddess

Shooting Cockatoos


As our departure for sunnier climes draws closer, I have been swotting up on my cocktail making skills to find a suitable replacement for afternoon tea.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Cockatoo.

It is my take on the traditional mojito and is very refreshing. What follows is my recipe, but feel free to experiment to suit your own tastes. Read more ›››