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…and cancel Christmas!

I got quite shock in the paper shop this morning. I was wondering which sort of boiled sweets I fancied when I clocked the headline on the front of the Daily Mail: “Pope’s Battle to Save Christmas”

My immediate reaction was a resigned shrug. It was only a matter of time before the ConDems decided that this was something else that the country couldn’t afford, along with the free hospital parking for the sick, new schools for the kids, meals on wheels for the elderly and other frivolous public spending. Read more ›››


Phew, another year nearly over and another Christmas survived. Well more than that really. It has been really chilled and enjoyable, no cross words to speak and, as they say, any Christmas you walk away from is a good one. And if I’ve been quiet lately, blame the prezzies, or rather prezzie — the boxed DVDs of series one to five of Spooks. It’s a quality product that I’ve dipped… Read more

Christmas Countdown

Frankc Kelly and his hilarious take on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Read more ›››

Bad Taste or Good Medicine?

It must be awful to suffer from a mental illness or to have a close family member with such a condition, not least because they are ‘invisible’ and misunderstood, and I have every sympathy people who are ill in this way. However, one way to increase understanding is through humour which is why I’m surprised that a magazine produced by service users containing a list of ‘Carols for the Mentally Disturbed’ should cause such a fuss. Here’s the list — what do you think? Read more ›››

Gift Ideas for Blokes – 4

By definition, this isn’t a gift idea for your hubby, but perhaps one for a religiously ambitious brother or brother-in-law, Vatican The Board Game which promises to be:

“…historically accurate, is more compelling than the depictions of the Catholic Church in popular culture. Reality and truth are always more interesting than fiction.” Read more ›››

Gift Ideas for Blokes – 3

Is your other half still having trouble explaining the offside rule to you? Get him this desktop strategy flipchart for just £4.99 plus p+p. Read more ›››

Gift Ideas for Blokes – 2

Stumped for something for the idolater in your life? How about a Jesus and Mo tea or coffee mug*? At $12.99, one religious insult for the price of two (think about it) and a hot beverage receptacle to boot. Read more ›››

All the Best Lads

I normally bar all mention of Christmas so far ahead of the event as there are plenty of people to make us heartedly sick of the whole thing before we even get to Stir-up Sunday. (3 December this year by my reckoning) “Seasonal” calendars in the shops, supermarkets decked out in tinsel and the telly advertising everything from sofas to Christmas trees.

But I’ve made an exception this year for the above — The Christmas Number Seven Project. Some lads in Hereford calling themselves the Black Mountains (after the hill of the same name) have worked out that selling 250,000 copies of their single to reach the Christmas No 1 is probably beyond them, but 45,000 to make No 7 is probably achievable. Read more ›››