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Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

Well it’s started. Christmas I mean. Or rather Christmas in the supermarket if I’m being precise.

I don’t mean the stacked displays of Christmas puds, advent calendars, greetings cards, crackers, tonic water on special offer until 31 December (two for a quid at Morrisons), fairy lights, mini cakes coated in icing with marzipan lurking underneath or even novelty decorations. Read more ›››

Fifth or Sixth?

The kids were back at college/school yesterday. Me and Mrs P still had more holiday to go, so having spent the morning dismantling Christmas ornaments, followed by a trip to the recycling centre, we stopped off for a pub meal at the place down the road where we met my family on Boxing Day.

The grub was really good. Mine was black pudding wrapped in medallions of pork in a creamy pepper sauce. Excellent. Read more ›››


One of the luxuries of Christmas is being able to watch some telly. For the rest of the year I’m usually too busy to catch anything much more than Corrie on a regular basis. (One of the things that annoys me are these two-part dramas on consecutive nights — I invariably watch the first part and miss the second, or catch the second and wished I’d watched the first.) Read more ›››


Well there was snow outside the Parrot household on Christmas Day.

Not enough to go sledging though. Sludging more like. But as Mosher says, a bad day for the bookies hopefully.

Inside it is very festive though. Read more ›››

Happy Christmas

Christmas Nativity

What a fab and relaxed run up to Christmas. I had nothing to do today, other than a trip first thing to get some bread, or at least what I could — those bloody locusts don’t half get up early.

Then it was back home to do some emails, post my Christmas edition of Yesterdays, some blog reading and quite a few games of Polar Bowler. (Doesn’t work with Firefox.) Maybe FC will have paid for the download when I wake up tomorrow. Read more ›››

Plink Plink Fizz

Alka Seltzer

Groan. It’s the morning after the night before. We threw our Christmas party yesterday and as usual it ran well into Sunday morning. Still managed to get up at 9am though and I’ve pretty much cleared up the debris — bottles in the bottle bin; waste food in a bin bag; floors mopped; carpets vacced; and a full dishwasher turned on. Read more ›››


Good day. I’m officially now ‘on leave’ until sometime mid-January because — a full three weeks I’ve been made to take off because I’ve too much holidays left. Probably won’t happen since things are afoot and I may well have to go back on 4 January.

But enough of that. Read more ›››

Losing Their Loaf

The locusts have landed. It’s the same every year — as we get towards Christmas the supermarket shelves start to empty. It started on Sunday when I went to get a few things including a Warburton Toastie loaf only to find the bakery shelves virtually empty.

I put this down to the lateness of my shopping trip (it was about 3.30pm, ie 90 minutes before the store closed) but when I called in on my way home from work last night I was met with the same sight — a completely empty bread shelf. Read more ›››