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Deck the Boughs

It’s December. Decision time. Do you buy a real Crimble tree, or drag out the old tinsel snagged artificial variety?

Personally, and from my youth, the live one was always best. At least until about three days in when the needles began to shed, and a night time trip for a pee became a minefield. (I swear, it was only the Blessed St Di who guided me from the path of needleness and into the cupboard under the stairs of ‘where the fuck am I’ ness.) Read more ›››

Good For Nothing

With all the problems with Bingo, Buy Nothing Day completely passed me by on Saturday which is a pity because as a concept it quite appeals — learning to live with less.

Not sure if the Parrot chicks would support the idea though. Both are well-practiced in the art of the consumer and Mrs Parrot has her moments too. Read more ›››

A Chicken isn’t just for Christmas

Thanks to Demob Happy Teacher for the link to the Alternative Gift Catalogue. A great idea. Let’s face it, how many Christmas prezzies do you really ‘want’ when the money spent could make a real difference in someone’s life. And putting my money where my mouth is, I’m about to order three chickens on behalf of Mrs Parrot.

‘Tis the season etc

I quite shocked myself today — I did my first Christmas shopping. That is bloody organised for someone who usually leaves it until the week before and wanders the stores in desperate need of inspiration. Read more ›››

Snow Fun

I wish I had come across this snowglobe before Christmas so I could have emailed it as a greeting to my friends. It’s great fun. Don’t forget to give it a shake.

The company that developed it, E-tractions, does some other fun stuff. I wasn’t very good at Beach Football, but enjoyed it nonetheless, and had more joy with Game Changer. Read more ›››

Echo, echo, echo

Forgot to mention the Christmas prezzies. Lots of good stuff, but pride of place to the DAB radio. The sound is brilliant and I love being able to tune into the extra channels, like BBC 7 to listen to good stuff now denied us, such as Round the Horne.

But DAB has its downside (okay, so I’m the one to point it out.) Why is that digital lags a second behind radio? Our new set lives in the kitchen, but if it’s on, and I’m in the living room with the ‘ordinary’ radio on, it’s like living with a permanent echo. Read more ›››

‘Tis the Season

Bloody hell – over two weeks since my last blog. This suggests one of two things. One, I’ve had such a blindingly good Christmas that I haven’t had the time; or two, my life is otherwise so empty that I have nothing better to do than blog. I suppose it’s been a bit of both.

We have been to various parties, had people round etc, but the highlight of the holiday has been seeing The Return of the King. Twice. There’s no point extolling the virtues of the LOTR movie project because a) Barry Norman is much better at that sort of thing than I am (oops – it’s Jonathan Woss these days, isn’t it); b) there are no words to describe how epic these films are; and c) if I did, I have this unerring knack of choosing non-LOTR people when waxing lyrical, and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case now, gentle reader. Read more ›››

Grooming the Groom

Mostly, Me and Mrs P communicate verbally at varying degrees of decibels. Or by body language. In other words, soft or strong language, depending on disposition, or in total silence when we really, really, really hate each other. (Which never lasts.)

So today was odd. We started and continued an email conversation. I won’t repeat it all because it would spoil a few Christmas surprises, but it went something like this: Read more ›››