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Harry Parrot and the Philosopher’s Toe

The wonderful thing about the ageing process is the tremendous accumulation of knowledge that builds up in your brain over the years. Unfortunately there is also a downside – with such a khichuri of trivia sloshing round the cranial cavity, when you dredge up a nugget of information, you’re never quite sure where it came from or even if it is true or not. Read more ›››

Bidh mi ‘gad fhaicinn


One way to guarantee satisfaction with your Christmas presents is to buy at least one of them yourself and my little ‘with love to me from me’ this year was s the ColorMunki Smile Calibrator shown on the left.

No, it isn’t a device for measuring the width of your festive grin, its purpose is to set the colour on your computer monitor accurately. Read more ›››

Strange Coincidence

The Man in the High Tower

I hadn’t intended to publish a post today, what with it being Christmas Day, but I had one of those strange coincidences that make you scratch your head in wonder.

While I was waiting for the family to gather for the exchange of presents, I had a look at Amazon to see what amazing bargains there might be on offer when the teaser ad at the top of the page to watch The Man in the High Castle caught my eye. It looked interesting so I clicked the link and started watching the first episode. Read more ›››

Merry Christmas


It has been a very hectic week. On top of the usual festive preparation madness, my dad was admitted to hospital on Monday with recurring heart problems, not helped by some sort of stomach bug, so I have been fitting in visits to see him along with everything else.

I’m pleased to report that he is now looking better than he has done for some time – hospital food obviously agrees with him. The pharmacist also reviewed his meds and deleted one that may have been more hinderance than help. Read more ›››


When I was younger, the advice I was given whenever I was stuck for an idea of what to buy a woman as a gift, for Christmas, birthday or other occasion, was this: ‘Buy her scent. You can’t go wrong with scent.’

And good advice it was too. Even at my most uninspired, a decent bottle of perfume always got me lots of brownie points, especially if the smelly was of the expensive variety. Read more ›››

Tie-dye Dottie

Dottie the Grinch

We went to the Christmas party at Chadkirk Dog Training Club last night, as we have done for the last three or four years, but this time is was a little different because I was there as a member, rather than just the bloke who takes photos for their website.

I’ve been taking Dottie there for a couple of months in an attempt to instil in her the basics of obedience – ie stay, wait, sit, down etc. Read more ›››

Growing Old

I took my dad to visit the dentist this week, the first time he has been in the reclining chair of discomfort for over thirty years, and even then it wasn’t voluntary.

He and a colleague had been given the task of knocking down a wall at work. The boss walked in and distracted dad at the same time as the other man was swinging his sledgehammer and a brick hit dad squarely in the face. Read more ›››

Deck the halls…

It has been a busy day since we finally got round to decorating the house for Christmas.

It’s one of the jobs that seems to take up much more time than you think it should – I’m guessing that ‘advent’ translates from the original Latin as ‘the time for untangling fairy lights’.

We were out earlier to buy a tree, the live (or living dead) one that stands in conservatory as a sort of extension festive token for the artificial, pre-lit jobbie in the living room. And aren’t they expensive those ‘real’ trees? (That’s the artificial one below btw) Read more ›››