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Dangers of Live Broadcasting

Yesterday was the busiest day of the year for the Royal Mail which was expecting to deal with 130 million Christmas cards and parcels as well as the usual slurry of business mail, household bills and junk mail.

Naturally, the BBC covered this staple seasonal news item by sending a reporter to broadcast live from the Mount Pleasant sorting office in London for the breakfast show in Five Live. Read more ›››



We risked the Christmas shopping crowds yesterday to take a trip into Stockport to buy a few gifts.

Actually, it isn’t the queues at the tills that are the problem in our nearest town — we didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes to be served — but finding a place to park your car can be a nightmare at this time of year. Read more ›››

Seven Little Girls

Continuing my trip down memory lane that I started yesterday, here is another song from the Christmas pantomimes of my youth.

This one may have been in 1959 when Paul Evans got to number 25 in the UK singles charts with Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat. Read more ›››

There’s a Hole in my Bucket

A combination of things got me coming over all nostalgic yesterday. I was in the garage to get out the Christmas tree and decorations when I noticed there was a puddle of water on the shelf.

The roof developed a leak a few weeks ago and not been very keen or adept at DIY, my solution was to put a bucket beneath to catch the drips. Read more ›››

Christmas Lull-aby

I’ve been strangely quiet again on the writing front. I’m not sure why. I suspect it’s pre-Christmas preoccupation.

There is the usual dilemma over what gifts to get for whom, battling with the crowds at the supermarket (why do people start stocking up so early?), taking advantage of the free parking in Stockport and resolving not get so grumpy about the whole thing this year. Read more ›››

How Beautifully Leaves Grow Old

Autumn Leaf

The signs are all around us that the seasons are turning. Left is a water filled leaf, one of many I came across this morning as I took advantage of the good weather to stroll through the Moravian Settlement in Droylsden.

Not to mention the kids being back at school. It felt a little like that this morning as our daughter prepared for her first day at Manchester University where she will be studying for her MA in TEFL. Read more ›››

Music Bonus

Yesterday was meant to be the last of my festive music postings, but I had to add this one for Christmas Day itself.

It’s adorned the trailers for the food channel and I love it — the 1963 Phil Spector production of Marshmallow World by Darlene Love. Read more ›››

One Little Christmas Tree

The last of my festive music posts and as it is Christmas Eve, I wanted something sentimental and schmaltzy, full of hope and optimism to dislodge that cynical parrot sitting on my shoulder.

This one comes from the album Christmas with Motown that I bought for my sister in the early 1970s. I’ve had the devil’s own job tracking it down, but here is One Little Christmas Tree by Stevie Wonder. Read more ›››