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Countdown to Christmas

Although Countdown to Christmas isn’t strictly festive music, this parody of the 12 Days of Christmas always makes me smile!

Countdown to Christmas Read more ›››

It Came Upon The Midnight Clear

I wanted to include this five stanza poem written in 1849 by Unitarian pastor, Edmund Sears, and later set to music as a Christmas Carol, as one of my festive postings.

It has been recorded many, many times, but I’ve opted for this version by Ella Fitzgerald, even if she does miss out verses three and four! Read more ›››

Over Played Song

Day five of my Christmas music theme. Today’s offering is from 2007 when the Black Mountains set-up their Christmas Number Seven project. They figured that they had no chance of selling 250,000 copies of their single to get into the top three, but 45,000 sales might get them to number seven in the charts. Read more ›››

All I Want for Christmas II

After flirting with the contemporary yesterday, today’s festive offering is entirely nostalgic, albeit the track titles are somewhat similar.

The year was 1963 and the country was in the grip of Beatlemania. Jumping on the passing bandwagon was Lancashire lass, Dora Bryan, with All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle. Read more ›››

All I Want for Christmas

I’m getting into this idea of posting Christmas music and I’m finally getting away from the idea that the lyrics should have any other meaning than what they are.

I’ve found a few forgotten or obscure titles and will play one a day up to Christmas Eve, but today I’ve gone all contemporary for a change. Read more ›››

Found Wanting

After my Bah! Humbug moment yesterday, I decided that I’d go in search of something more appropriate to the season for today’s festive soundtrack. I failed.

I came across the album, Christmas in the Country, on Spotify which included today’s track. What it was doing there, I’ve no idea, since Belshazah (sic) by Johnny Cash owes its inspiration to the Old Testament and the prophet Daniel rather than the nativity, but there you go. Read more ›››

Buy Nothing At All

I had the idea of posting the odd bit of festive music on the run up to Christmas, but I have to admit to distinct feelings of Bah! Humbug at the moment.

This is unusual for me as I have always enjoyed Christmas — the crowds on the high street, the parties, the blessed relief when the shops finally close on 24 December and there is nothing more to buy even if you wanted to, the day itself shared with your nearest and dearest, sharing gifts while carols play, Top Gear Christmas Special on the telly, good food and lots of it, even the jokes in the crackers. But not this year. Read more ›››

Happy Christmas

I can’t believe it is the last week in September and I haven’t yet wished you my season’s greetings. I am such a Scrooge and it’s all the fault of the supermarkets. They just can’t get their commercial acts together.

Take our local Morrisons for example. It has just one measly aisle devoted to gift ideas and a stand near the checkouts promoting Cadbury’s selection boxes for £1.99 each, or three for a fiver, and that isn’t nearly enough. Read more ›››