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Ten Years Later

I have not written about 9/11 on the run-up to yesterday’s anniversary, neither did I comment on any blog posts on the subject. It seemed to me it would be superfluous.

But what I was glad not to see was too much being made of the conspiracy theories that blame the Bush administration for either Letting it Happen or Making it Happen On Purpose. Read more ›››

History Mystery

We had a trip out to Mellor Church yesterday in search of a gravestone that might cast some light on Mrs P’s family history. We failed, but we did find one that was straight out of a Dan Brown novel.

That’s it on the left. Unlike the other graves, it is built into the wall of the church next to the door and surrounded by iron railings. Read more ›››

“How about the Lightning Runes then?”

It is an iconic moment in movie history. When John Mills and Co finally arrive in the bar in Alexandria and get their mitts around the ice-cold glass of lager anticipated throughout the whole of Ice Cold in Alex.

Just before Anthony Quayle gets hauled off as a PoW, rather than a spy, with the words: “All against the desert – the greater enemy.” Read more ›››

Summer Time a Liberal Plot

I heard this on a recent edition of the News Quiz and thought it must be one of those urban legends, but apparently not: You may have noticed that March of this year was particularly hot. As a matter of fact, I understand that it was the hottest March since the beginning of the last century. All of the trees were fully leafed out and legions of bugs and snakes were crawling around during a time in Arkansas when, on a normal year, we might see a snowflake or two. Read more ›››

Babies and Bathwater

I’m no scientist and never had the wit or application to become one, but I do have faith in science to do its best. That might sound odd until you look back and realise that far too many people think that scientists only exist as a conspiracy to do us harm.

Like the MMR and fluoride debates. I’ve no problem with people questioning whether MMR causes autism and Crohn’s disease, or that fluoride is mass-medication and causes fluorosis, bone cancer in seven-year-old boys, infertility or as used by the Nazis (and Soviets) to make folk docile. (Have you ever met a docile Brummie?) Read more ›››

One Born Every Minute

This landed in my work inbox today:

I have received the following serious information via a contact at the London Ambulance Service which has units closely associated with South London police squads which are involved in fighting Gang Crimes. Read more ›››


I find this story rather disturbing. That someone can fake documents to ‘prove’ that Himmler was assassinated by the British secret service is no surprise — remember the Hitler Diaries — but being able to plant them in the National Archive is worrying.

It makes you wonder how many other ‘truths’ of history might be built on forgeries. Read more ›››

The End is Nigh

Before I get to the meat of this post, I should make one thing clear — I consider myself a rational man. I don’t read horoscopes (much) and I don’t have any time for voodoo science, but every now and then you come across something that plants a seed of doubt. Like today’s Daily Mail.

In it was an article by that well-known student of the paranormal, Henry Kelly, I don’t think. It was about the predictions of Nostradamus and an even earlier prophet I hadn’t heard of before, one Malarchy born in Armagh in 1094. Read more ›››