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A Sporting Salesman*

As I’ve mentioned before, I quite enjoy an episode of the game show Pointless, mainly because it is a bit of fun to try and come up with the most obscure answers.

The bit I often struggle with are the anagrams like the one on the left, I think because they require a degree of general knowledge even before you can start rearranging the letters. Read more ›››

Strictly Leeds

We have returned from our trip to Leeds having enjoyed a performance of Strictly Ballroom and I should begin with a review of the show, but since it was the last night then perhaps there isn’t much point. I’ll give it a go though.

Musicals such as this are not my cup of char as a rule but I did enjoy this one even if some of the songs were pure Disney. (Life is Leap of Faith wouldn’t sound out of place in The Lion King) Read more ›››

Leads for Leeds

One of the Christmas presents I gave Mrs P was a pair of tickets for the stage show Strictly Ballroom the Musical, based on the film of the same name that was the inspiration behind Strictly Come Dancing the tv show.

Mrs P is a big fan of the show and the musical featured on the spin-off Take Two programme and seemed to me to be a splendid idea for a gift a bit different from the usual scent and jewellery. Read more ›››

Esio Trot

The Christmas and New Year holiday has been a gorge fest of television programmes but of all the films and ‘specials’, the one that has stood out for me is the re-run of Esio Trot.

This BBC made-for-tv film first appeared in 2014 and is one of the most charming, eccentric and heart-warming productions you could ever hope to see. Read more ›››

Time Commanders

The great thing about catch-up tv is that you can, well…, catch-up on the tv you’ve missed and last night I caught up with Time Commanders which started a new series this week.

For the uninitiated, Time Commanders pits two teams against each other in a recreation of historic battles, some famous, some less so, using the same game engine that you’ll find in computer games like Total War. Read more ›››

Pointless Maths

I’m not a big watcher of television but, as I mentioned yesterday, I do enjoy Pointless for its reverse Family Fortunes format that rewards obscure knowledge, while also allowing people to also give obvious answers.

It would be pointless to explain Pointless when you can swot up on it in detail on Wikipedia but what has bothered me on and off for ages is this: what is the optimum number of contestants for a day’s recording? Read more ›››

Couldn’t Wait

I imagine there must have been a few BBC executives sobbing into their wheat-free granola as they watched The Grand Tour released today as they wondered how on earth they had let their most saleable brand go to Amazon for nothing.

The series has been much-anticipated in the Parrot household as we are all fans of Top Gear and the plan was to watch it together on Sunday. But that idea went out of the window. Read more ›››

A Pint of Cooking

They say that travel broadens the mind, although I’m not entirely sure who ‘they’ are. Perhaps the narrow-minded whose outlook needs to put on a few pounds.

While on Paxos, we toyed with the idea of a trip to the southern bit of the archipelago known as Antipaxos, home to 150 people and endless viniculture dedicated to the production of the ‘famous Antipaxos wines’. Read more ›››