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Clive Tyldesley is a *%&#

Just back from doing the weekly shop which was a bit of a breeze given that the FA Cup is going out live on ITV. It isn’t just that I didn’t fancy watching Chelsea doing the inevitable double, the main reason was to avoid the bloody inane drivel of the bloody inane Clive Tyldesley.

Unfortunately, Morrison’s was pretty quiet so I was home before half-time to hear Clive make a prat of himself right on cue. It was the Drogba shot that hit the bar and had Clive screaming that it was a goal. Read more ›››

The Great British Phone-in

We Brits are really good at stereotypes, from “all immigrants are illegal and only here to milk the NHS and the benefits system” to ” all ManU fans live in the home counties and Asia”. The former is bigoted and reactionary and especially so the latter. Yes there are plenty of Cockney Reds and the foreign following is massive, but in my experience of trips to OT the accents are local. Read more ›››


Well, yet another New Year’s Eve survived in one piece and yet another Jools Holland Hootenanny (HOOTENANNY!!) I don’t know about you, but was it quite as good as in previous years? Eddie Floyd and Madness were great and Seasick Steve was especially good, hence the embed above. I think it was the presence of Paul McCartney and the general air of sycophancy that seemed to surround him. The whole… Read more


Phew, another year nearly over and another Christmas survived. Well more than that really. It has been really chilled and enjoyable, no cross words to speak and, as they say, any Christmas you walk away from is a good one. And if I’ve been quiet lately, blame the prezzies, or rather prezzie — the boxed DVDs of series one to five of Spooks. It’s a quality product that I’ve dipped… Read more

Clue Two

I think I’m in danger of becoming a Cymruphile. Yes, it is as rude as it sounds apparently when you Google it (explicitness warning) although I meant it it in the sense of Cymru (Wales) and phile, as in liking something.

The reason is Rob Drydon. I’ve mentioned him before (not in a Cyrmuphile context) and his excellent voice in ISIHAC. This time from just a few weeks ago — “Who do you think you’re kidding Mr Hitler” to the tune of “Yesterday Once More” by The Carpenters. Read more ›››

Fascinating Facts

Remember Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em? Of course you do unless you’re keeping quiet about your age. The fascinating fact concerns the theme music, that piccolo opening tune that is probably running through your head as you read this — it is morse code for Some Mothers Do Ave Em. It says so at the BBC and on Wikipedia, two utterly trustworthy sources (? – Ed) so it must be true. Read more ›››

He Has Got a Clue

I’m a big fan of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, not least because of the complex and devious nature of the rules of the games the teams play. But perhaps the most arcane is One Song to the Tune of Another. The towering intellect that is Humph has tried many times, likening a song to a car, a jam roly poly, nuclear physics and, my personal favourite, the sandwich. Read more ›››

The new Skoda ad – lovely stuff! Read more ›››