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Bye Bye Beeb

The latest, and last, Oxford and Cambridge boat race was aired by the BBC today. Good thing too, given the mess they made of it. Year on year, they’ve given us the words of the umpire, saying who was in the wrong, who should move over. Then in this, their last year, not a peep, just the un-dreaming spires language of the two coxes. (Or is that coxs or cocks?) Read more ›››

Era Ends

It’s called the passage of time. Missing things not because you value them, but because they have always been there. Friday saw the very last of Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America.

Which leads me to another of my occasional Greater Mancunian series. Cooke was born in Salford, the son of an iron-fitter Methodist lay preacher, although he grew up in Blackpool. He tossed aside his humble beginnings after winning a scholarship to Cambridge, kicking over the traces of his given name Alfred, Alistair being more in keeping with the aesthete image he aspired to. Read more ›››

Leg Over

Just spotted that the BBC has posted the famous Jonners and Aggers ‘leg over‘ corpsing fit on their bloopers page. I remember that radio conversation vividly and it was completely typical of Brian Johnston. Summers really will never be the same.

Time Commanders

Best news of the week (and it’s only Monday) is that after six episodes, Time Commanders continues this Thursday, Essential viewing for me and son Max. In a nutshell, ancient battles re-fought, but with the contestants in a modern, battle command centre.

The teams have mostly made a pig’s ear of things because they have not played to their strengths which was absolutely key to ancient warfare. That and use of ground. Read more ›››

The Kiss

The long trailed and much hyped, Todd Grimshaw’s smackeroo on whatisname in Corrie was more than a let down. I carry no flame in either direction, but what was the point? A fleeting brush of lips, whatisname all offended? What does it tell us?

Not a lot. Not when compared with the church’s debate on homosexuality. That great bastion of morality that is collapsing around its own ears on the subject. And does anyone care? No. Read more ›››