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Sunday Round-up

Spring Watch: Follically challenged twitchers are warned not to go in search of the eagle owl that has been attacking bald men in Exeter.

Mercy killing of the week: Scientists at Reading and Bristol universities calculate that 85% of dinosaur species were already in danger of extinction long before the asteroid apocalypse that wiped them out, so the meteor was really a mercy killing. Read more ›››

Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs

My Amazon Fire TV Stick gizmo is proving itself to be pretty well tuned to my tv watching habits, ie irregular and eclectic. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been watching the Mad Dogs whenever I’ve had an odd hour to fill.

I was scratching my head over exactly what sort of programme I was supposed to be watching as I made my way through the pilot. Read more ›››

When did tv ads become crap?

There’s a really annoying ad on tv at the moment. Michael Parkinson is sitting in a studio chair and says: ‘I’ve been asked many times what my number one interview was. Tough question.’

But instead of answering, he goes on instead to try to flog me the Sun Life Direct Over 50s Plan when I’m much more interested in his answer to the original question. (I bet it wasn’t Rod Hull and Emu) Read more ›››

Murder most foul

Helen and Rob Titchener (Louiza Patikas and Timothy Watson)

I waited with bated breath for that murder scene as I listened to the Archers omnibus podcast yesterday and was disappointed to discover that I will have to bate it a while longer as it actually happened on Monday.

Of course, it turns out that Helen Titchener hasn’t murdered husband Rob, or at least he hasn’t shuffled off his mortal coil just yet, and I know this because the plot spoilers have been all over the media. Read more ›››

An Adventurous Egghead

It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was writing about Too Much TV (or TMTV as the programme now think its known) and yet here we are, five weeks later, and its run has ended.

Confession time: I did watch some of it. The bits about the current ‘must see’ tv was worth missing, but I did enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff, making the sound effect of walking on snow by treading in trays of corn flour or sticks of celery for broken bones. Read more ›››

Fallen Archers

Helen and Rob Titchener (Louiza Patikas and Timothy Watson)

If you’re anything like me, there will be days when you’re scratching around for something original to fill up your blog pages, then all of a sudden inspiration will strike from the most innocuous source.

It happened to me the other day as I was driving and listening to the podcast of the Archers omnibus and it occured to me that I hadn’t made any mention of the ongoing Rob and Helen Titchner drama. Read more ›››

Too Much Too Much TV

It’s the couch potato’s dilemma – what to watch on tv when there is so much to watch on tv?

I’ve lost count of the number of channels available on cable, not to mention the extra ones I pay for, like sport and films. Then there is pay-per-view, rent a box set, iPlayer, catch-up tv, Amazon Firestick – it seems everyone who would lighten your wallet has something that is the must-see of the moment. Read more ›››

The Night Manager

The Night Manager

Almost all the reviews I’ve seen on the new BBC drama, The Night Manager, make favourable comparisons with the Bond movies from the sumptuous opening titles onwards.

Whether Tom Hiddleston is a James Bond is another matter, but he is certainly putting in a good audition for the part, and is likely to get more so as the action hots up. Read more ›››