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Too Many Cooks

Heaven forfend that I should ever be asked for careers advice these days, but if I were then I’d point any aspiring tyro in the direction of the kitchen.

It isn’t that the call of the sauce pan and blender is such a great way to make a living – the pay isn’t great and the hours definitely unsociable – but it is the path towards the one place you can find guaranteed employment as a tv chef… Read more ›››

Doctor Potty Mouth

Malcolm TuckerEven at my age the world can take me by surprise, none more so with yesterday’s announcement that Peter Capaldi is to be the twelfth Doctor Who.

It shouldn’t have done because he was the clear bookies favourite for the role and they stopped taking bets last Friday. My excuse is that I don’t bother with bookmakers’ website too often. Read more ›››

That’s All Folk

Framptarn Guggenband

I should say from the start that I’m no great fan of folk music and all the folky stuff that goes with it, but there is no doubt that folky folk know how to enjoy themselves as we witnesses yesterday at Shepley Spring Festival.

Shepley is a small village about a 45 minutes drive across the border in Yorkshire and the idea of a Sunday out came from Mrs P’s pal Lesley… Read more ›››


It’s that time of year again when we’re supposed to resolve to be better/thinner/healthier etc people in the coming twelve months, resolutions I’ve avoided for most of my adult life.

The reason is that top of my list of resolutions was to be successful in the following year, but since I failed in all my other targets, then number one fell by default. Read more ›››

That’s a More

Man About the House

I don’t think that heading really works. By a ‘more’ I mean the word that describes the conventions of social behaviour rather than the first one that most toddlers learn, but that’s the risk you take when you’re trying to be too clever.

I only mention it because I happened to be scanning through the catch-up tv tonight and came across Man About the House, one of the sitcoms of my youth and how things have changed. Read more ›››


Tory Wet

I often complain about supermarkets and the whole soulless business of the weekly shop, but I don’t really mean it. It’s by far the most convenient way of getting the chore done, even if it means having to put up with the idiosyncrasies of the staff.

Like the checkout sprint. Why do the people on the tills think it is some sort of race they have to win by whipping items across the scanner faster than you can pack ’em until there is a growing mound of groceries on the packing side? Read more ›››


Sykes and Jacques

I’m not generally one for heaping praise on the media (unless bribed or coerced), but I have to thank the BBC2 for the evening of programmes last night celebrating the life and work of Eric Sykes who died earlier this year.

Sykes was one of my early comedy heroes for all sorts of reasons, but mostly for his mixture of silliness, surrealism and slapstick. Read more ›››

TV Dinosaurs


Writing about the current crop of tv programmes the other day led to me coming over all nostalgic about those that have gone the way of other extinct television dinosaurs even though they had life left in them.

The most obvious example for me is a recent one. The plug was pulled on Spooks last year after ten series and I’m still in mourning for Harry Pearce and co. Read more ›››