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Away and Home

Having accepted an offer on our house and with nowhere to go we embarked on a hectic round of twenty viewings over two weeks in June.

We saw bungalows, houses and apartments but none quite ticked all the boxes. There is small and then there is too small. Others were lovely but out on a limb as far as amenities are concerned while others were madly overpriced. Read more ›››

Home and Away

As I wrote yesterday, with both me and Mrs P happily retired and the kids having left home it seemed the right time to move house.

Don’t get me wrong, we loved what had been our home for nineteen years but with its dozen or so rooms we found ourselves rattling about our Victorian semi. And if I’m honest, it was looking a little tired and in need of a new family to make their mark on it. Read more ›››

Back in Business

2019 was a funny old year for all sorts of reasons. We had the madness that was Brexit with the country polarising into two irreconcilable camps of unicorn chasers and sunny upland scoffers.

Brexit saw off Theresa May to be replaced by the serial liar and all-round buffoon Boris Johnson. He called a general election in which the Tories increased their share of the popular vote by 1.2% that translated into a net gain of 47 seats. Read more ›››


I’m sorry if you’ve arrived here expecting my weekly Sunday Round-up but I have been otherwise engaged what with Christmas and family obligations. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed next week.

Meanwhile, as an example of the sort of things I’ve been up to, here is a photo of Team Parrot that successfully escaped The Forger’s Room at Code to Exit in Altrincham. Read more ›››

The Pot Dog’s Tale

Yorkshire Pudding posted about a family heirloom yesterday, a silver cigarette case presented to his mum when she married in Delhi in 1945.

It is a link to his past that he clearly cherishes and like many of us, he worries that it might end up in a charity shop or on Flog It! when he’s gone because the memories mean little or nothing to those who inherit it. Read more ›››

Shuffle Off

Yorkshire Pudding was musing on the subject of his own mortality the other day and coincidentally I have been doing the same of late.

Like YP, the prospect of death isn’t something I think about often except in the most abstract ‘sometime in the future’ sort of way. But as Ray Charles observed: ‘Live each day like it’s your last, ’cause one day you gonna be right’. Read more ›››

To Arms in Leeds

When we weren’t watching a musical in Leeds, we did a great deal of walking around to learn more about a city that neither me nor Mrs P are particularly familiar with.

If you’ve visited Leeds then you will know that it is a city of great civic pride, as you can tell from the Leeds in Bloom tub on the left already planted with cigarette butt seeds ready to blossom in the spring. Read more ›››

Strictly Leeds

We have returned from our trip to Leeds having enjoyed a performance of Strictly Ballroom and I should begin with a review of the show, but since it was the last night then perhaps there isn’t much point. I’ll give it a go though.

Musicals such as this are not my cup of char as a rule but I did enjoy this one even if some of the songs were pure Disney. (Life is Leap of Faith wouldn’t sound out of place in The Lion King) Read more ›››