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National Stereotypes

We were chatting with Ms P via the wonder of FaceTime™ and got onto the subject of national stereotypes for the places we’ve visited. Not in a nasty, xenophobic way I hasten to add, but rather the cultural differences and idiosyncrasies that are fond and abiding memories.

For example, in South Africa it was the Capetonians notions of time and the concept of ‘now’. Read more ›››

Angkor’s Away

Thai Dancers

I read somewhere that jet lag is only a problem when you cross time zones from west to east, but that is just rubbish. We got home on Friday and my body clock is still ticking away on Thai time.

What with wonky biorhythms combined with a twenty degree drop in temperature and the usual post holiday malaise, it has been a depressing few days, but hopefully I’m coming out the other side… Read more ›››

The Road to Defeat

Cart Boy

We spent most of our first day together in mini buses for the long drive across Thailand to the Aranyaprathet/Poipet border crossing that would take us into Cambodia.

Having a numb bum from prolonged coach travel was something we would get used to, but most of the rest stops on this occasion were spent preparing for the bureaucracy of getting from one country to another… Read more ›››

The Million Pound Note

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

I don’t suppose too many people remember the 1954 film in which Gregory Peck finds himself in possession of a one million pound bank note that is impossible to spend because no-one can ever change it, but I found out how he felt today.

We are in Phnom Penh at the moment and have an afternoon free from all the planned excursions. The ladies of the family have taken themselves off to the Russian Market for some retail therapy, leaving me with some time to kill… Read more ›››

Asian Time

One of the things that Thais, Cambodians and Vietnamese talk about a lot is Asian Time. The notion that a different sense of urgency attends daily life and that things happen when they happen and not before. Indeed it is something they take great pride in.

But we haven’t seen much evidence of it since we set off on our tour of this small part of the Asian sub-continent – it has been a hell for leather rush from hither to thither, all organised with clockwork precision… Read more ›››