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T is for Table Mountain

It is said that it is easy to get your bearings in Cape Town simply by using the ever present Table Mountain as your guide.

A good theory that I never quite got the hang of while driving around and about the city, something I put down to the sun being in the ‘wrong’ place – ie in the north and crossing the sky from right to left. Read more ›››

S is for Schotia Safari


Schotia is the oldest private game reserve in the Eastern Cape with over 2,000 animals and 40 different species and we joined other tourists there for a mini-safari during our South African roadtrip.

We were sitting over six feet up in the open top of the long-wheelbase Landrover as we headed into the reserve over deeply rutted tracks. Read more ›››

R is for Rhodes

When I began my South Africa theme for this round of ABC Wednesday, I always intended that my letter R would be Cecil Rhodes because he was such a colossal figure in the history of the continent – and not just because I share the same surname!

However, Rhodes was a complex character who achieved so much in his short life and was both revered and reviled while alive and in death, so all I can offer is a resumé of his career. Read more ›››

R is for Robben Island

I had a dilemma when I reached the letter R in this round of ABC Wednesday — I wanted to write about Cecil Rhodes, but how could I not include Robben Island?

So I’ve done both. You can read about Cecil here and below is a gallery of photos I took on South Africa’s former prison island. Read more ›››

Q is for Quick Quirky Quiz

Pool Vac

Q was always going to be the tricky one as there wasn’t much I could find in South Africa that began with this letter.

So I have taken the easy way out and come up with a Quick Quirky Quiz about our time in Cape Town. Read more ›››

P is for Mr Pietersen, Potjie and Penguins

Mr Pietersen and the Guys

This is one of my favourite photos from Cape Town and a happy accident too after I played around with an underexposed sunshine and shade shot. It looks as if it might be advertising Southern Comfort.

But the reason I include it on P day is because it shows ‘Mr Pietersen and the Guys’ (that’s him second left) who we came across playing at the waterfront every time we went there and presumably they performed there seven days a week. Read more ›››

O is for Ostrich, Ou Tronk and Obz


South Africa is rich in ostrich and has made people rich too, particularly in the town of Oudtshoorn that made pots of money in the 19th century from supplying ostrich feathers for fashionable European ladies.

These particular ostriches were living in the wild on the shores of the South Atlantic in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Read more ›››

N is for Newlands, Neptune and Nobel

Nobel Peace Laureates

One of the things I promised myself before we arrived in Cape Town was to watch a cricket match at Newlands, the test match venue that was a short drive from where we were staying.

It is said to be one of the most beautiful cricket grounds, standing as it does in the shadow of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, but as you can see from the photo, we didn’t pick the right day to appreciate it. Read more ›››