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E is for Elephant

Addo Elephant

I wrote about our elephant spotting endeavours under A is for Addo, but I didn’t reveal all because I had to save something for E is for Elephant.

As I mentioned back then, we had trouble spotting any elephants in the vastness of the Addo National Park until by good fortune we came across a matriarchal group with their youngsters. Read more ›››

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No it really is a bird. The question is, what kind of bird is it exactly?

I took the photograph back in February at Plettenberg Bay in South Africa, but it was only when I was tidying up the photo that realised it had a metal tag round its leg. (You will have to enlarge the shot to see it.) Read more ›››

D is for Dutch, Dung Beetle and Dias

Swllendam Dutch Reformed Church

It will come as no surprise that there are a great many Dutch Reformed Churches in South Africa and they provide some of the most surprisingly stunning architecture.

Like the church on the left which is in Swellendam, the third oldest town in South Africa and at one time the gateway for the travellers and explorers making their way eastwards to the interior. Read more ›››

Coca-Cola Crateman

This was one of my favourite sights in Cape Town, a “statue” made entirely out of Coca-Cola crates, 4,200 of them to be precise.

The Crate Fan stands 18 metres high and can be found at the Victoria and Albert waterfront where it was built to celebrate the 2010 World Cup. Read more ›››

The Bo-Kaap in Cape Town is one of the world’s most photographed areas, not just by tourists like me, but also by the professionals who are drawn to the brightly coloured houses as a backdrop for a fashion shoot.

Originally known as Wallendorp, the Bo-Kapp, which means Top Cape, was founded in the 1760s by Jan de Waal to house the slaves that the Dutch brought from their eastern colonies. Read more ›››

Dead Before Dying

Dead Before Dying

I enjoyed reading Thirteen Hours earlier this month and on the strength of it I ordered two more Deon Meyer novels, and the first I picked up was Dead Before Dying.

As with the first novel I read, the attraction was that it was set in Cape Town, but my expectations were much greater after reading Thirteen Hours. And I wasn’t disappointed. Read more ›››

A is for Addo

Addo Elephant National Park was one of the highlights of our week long road trip across the south coast of Africa.

We’d read that it was 180,000 hectares in size, but hadn’t really appreciated just how huge the park was, sweeping down in a huge crescent from Darlington in the north to the Sundays River mouth on the coast… Read more ›››

Justice Denied

The Dewanis

The murder of Anni Dewani came up in conversation a few times when we were in Cape Town in February as it was about the time that the South African authorities were trying to bring her husband back to the country to face charges.

The people we spoke to were unhappy with the suggestions that he wouldn’t get a fair trial as if SA were like certain other African countries you might think of, but mostly there was incredulity our legal system appears to be geared to protecting the suspect, rather than to see justice takes its course. Read more ›››