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She’s Leaving Home

It has been a sad glad day for me today as we waved our daughter off at Manchester Airport for her year long teaching position in Thailand.

I was glad because this is what she has been working towards for the last two years having taken her masters in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Manchester uni, but sad because we won’t see her for so long… Read more ›››


Having been a blogger for almost ten years you’d think that I would have pretty much exhausted my vocabulary and repeated most of the words in it, but you’d be wrong.

Take the that borrowed Persian word ‘pyjamas’ (or ‘pajamas’ if you speak American). I expected it to have appeared on these pages several times, but I’ve only had cause to use it once, and then in passing reference to the Mr Ed was a zebra myth. Read more ›››



One of the things I love about other people’s blogs is the way it can spark off memories of your own, even if they are sometimes painful or uncomfortable.

I was reading a childhood memory over at Going Gently this morning that in turn had been prompted by a post by Cro Magnon and both put me in mind of an incident still vivid for me fifty years later. Read more ›››

An Apple A Day

Cardiac ultrasound

My dad celebrated his 86th birthday last year, a landmark he has reached in a healthy state in both mind and body.

He puts this down to to a number of things. He doesn’t drink much and has never smoked, other than for the odd cigar at Christmas, and even that not for many years. Read more ›››

Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas may be a long time coming, at least for the high street and the supermarkets, but it soon whizzes past doesn’t it?

The midnight chimes of New Year had hardly finished before the Christmas tree that has been gathering dust at our local Morrisons since early November had been taken down to make may way for the Easter display. Read more ›››

Ikea Therapy

Ikea Logo

Here are a few things you may not know about Ikea.

1) The company is the world’s third largest user of wood and sells two billion meatballs a year;

2) 25 million Bibles were printed in 2011 compared to 208 million Ikea catalogues;

3) One in ten European babies is conceived in an Ikea bed. Read more ›››

These are a few of my favourite things

Of all the subjects I haven’t written about over the last few weeks, the one that I should have done is to answer that question you were always asked as a child ‘And what did you get for Christmas?’

There is a reason, other than me being an irregular blogger these days, and that is the sheer pressure of the holiday season. Read more ›››


It’s that time of year again when we’re supposed to resolve to be better/thinner/healthier etc people in the coming twelve months, resolutions I’ve avoided for most of my adult life.

The reason is that top of my list of resolutions was to be successful in the following year, but since I failed in all my other targets, then number one fell by default. Read more ›››

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