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Leads for Leeds

One of the Christmas presents I gave Mrs P was a pair of tickets for the stage show Strictly Ballroom the Musical, based on the film of the same name that was the inspiration behind Strictly Come Dancing the tv show.

Mrs P is a big fan of the show and the musical featured on the spin-off Take Two programme and seemed to me to be a splendid idea for a gift a bit different from the usual scent and jewellery. Read more ›››

Busy, Busy, Busy *

I’ve been an idle blogger of late for all sorts of ‘being busy’ reasons, not least because darling daughter has been back home from Japan for the last three weeks.

That has involved quite a few outings to the zoo, the cinema, bowling and for meals etc so, what with one thing and another, blogging has taken a back seat. Read more ›››

Going to the Zoo

We had a family tradition when the kids were younger that we would visit Chester Zoo in the hiatus between Christmas and the New Year. Now they are grown, it is a tradition that lapsed, at least until Tuesday.

Work and other commitments meant that we had to wait until the calendar turned to 2017 before we could all be together for a family outing and off we set. Read more ›››

Plan D

You would think with all the Christmases I’ve seen that I would have got the hang of the festive season or at least its immediate aftermath, but apparently not.

On Tuesday we had the bright idea of taking a trip to the cinema. Had this involved Mrs P I dare say the planning would have been more precise but as it was just me and son and daughter things were rather vague. Read more ›››

Lightning Conductor

It has been a busy few days in the run up to Christmas what with shopping to be done, gifts to be wrapped and delivered etc and, of course, darling daughter arrived home from Japan on Thursday much to the delight of Mrs P and me.

The three of us had a trip into Manchester today to enjoy a meal and the Christmas atmosphere before heading to the Bridgewater Hall, home of the Hallé Orchestra, for their Christmas at the Movies concert. Read more ›››

Dottie’s Bandana

It’s terrible what we inflict on our pets for our amusement. Last year we dressed her as the Grinch for the dog club’s Christmas party and it took weeks to get rid of the supposedly temporary hair dye in her coat and she to endure having a vaguely greenish tinge.

But we’ve always liked the idea of a bandana, quite specifically one with pink skull and crossbones. And we finally found one. Read more ›››

On the Carpet

I’ve been rather busy of late, too busy to do much by the way of blogging, except for my ABC Wednesday and Sunday Round-up posts, and too busy visit other people’s blogs as often as I would like.

It all started when Mrs P decided we needed a new carpet in the hall. She had a point if I’m honest, the old one looking rather worse for wear after so much heavy traffic over the years. Read more ›››

Hard or Soft?

How is it that a nation should lose its collective sanity and elect a lying braggart like Trump as its president? I could go on, but Yorkie, Roger and Steve put it much better than I can.

I say unbelievable but it really isn’t. What with the Brexit vote, 2016 will go down as the year of the reactionary and I can’t see things improving much in 2017. Read more ›››