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A Pint of Cooking

They say that travel broadens the mind, although I’m not entirely sure who ‘they’ are. Perhaps the narrow-minded whose outlook needs to put on a few pounds.

While on Paxos, we toyed with the idea of a trip to the southern bit of the archipelago known as Antipaxos, home to 150 people and endless viniculture dedicated to the production of the ‘famous Antipaxos wines’. Read more ›››

The Almond Tree

Our brief sojourn in Paxos may be over, but it certainly illustrates that it can sometimes be well worth your while to open those unsolicited emails that land in you inbox, rather than hitting delete.

It came about when Mrs P did just on a quiet Friday morning when Thomson Holidays successfully enticed us to take advantage of one of their late offers. Read more ›››

Away for a while

The cover is being put over the parrot’s cage for a little while as we take a short break on the Greek island of Paxos, the smallest of the Ionian islands and with no prospect of internet access as far as I can tell.

It would be nice to think that I can take a few photos as good as the one on the left, although we are warned that the skies might not be quite so blue at this time of year. Read more ›››

Fresh Air and Fun

I was reminded that it was exactly ten years ago today that we were waiting for Ms P’s A-level results. It was a traumatic morning as her plans to study physiotherapy went west along with her failed science subjects.

After some tears and a hasty family meeting, she switched tack and ended up studying psychology instead, a path that led to her interest in teaching young children. Read more ›››


A Billy-ish Blackbird

I’ve tried several times over the last few days to get a photo of a remarkable visitor to our garden, but with no success so far.

His name is Billy the Blackbird and in the absence of a photo of my own I had to resort to a Google image search to illustrate this post, although it has to be said that if you’ve seen one blackbird, you’ve seen them all. Read more ›››

It’s an ill-wind

We had been planning to meet up with our daughter at our friends’ house in Las Vegas in August, but thanks to those lovable, truth-telling Brexiteers and the pound at a 31-year low against the dollar, that idea has hit the buffers, soon to be followed by the rest of the economy.

Mind you, our problems pale in comparison to Jeremy Corbyn’s who seems to have lost his entire shadow cabinet as a result of his dishwater weak support for the remain campaign. And serve the old duffer right. Read more ›››

Shepley Sun and Showers

Having checked that our inoculations were up to date and our visas still valid, we ventured across the Pennines to Yorkshire yesterday for a day at the Shepley Spring Festival. Hard to credit that it’s three years since we were last there.

If you wondered whatever happened to the beautiful people from the 1960s, I can tell you that they are alive and well and still attending events like these. Read more ›››

National Stereotypes

We were chatting with Ms P via the wonder of FaceTime™ and got onto the subject of national stereotypes for the places we’ve visited. Not in a nasty, xenophobic way I hasten to add, but rather the cultural differences and idiosyncrasies that are fond and abiding memories.

For example, in South Africa it was the Capetonians notions of time and the concept of ‘now’. Read more ›››