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This is one of the photos I took of our dog Jack to send to our daughter in South Africa to remind her to feel homesick every now and then!

And ourselves that it is 17 days and counting till we join her in Cape Town. We can’t wait to see her or the fabulous country she describes. Read more ›››

Everything Must Go

When I wrote about the Morecambe and Wise drama yesterday, I should have mentioned that quite a lot of it was filmed in Stockport where I live. I recognised the art deco lamps and the steps that appeared quite early on during the wartime scenes, but it was later that the town played a bigger role.

The scene at the end when the duo were appearing at the Ardwick Hippodrome was filmed at the restored 1930s Plaza Theatre, as were the outside shots when Eric’s parents drove away from the front of the building. Read more ›››

Spirit of ’67

ve never much bothered with the solstices. I may been around on those days, but I haven’t been up early enough or paid enough attention to see the sun rise or set or whatever it is the druids set great store by.

So I was as surprised as anyone when I agreed to climb out from under a warm duvet this morning to venture on a three mile hike to see what all the fuss was about. Read more ›››

Found Wanting

After my Bah! Humbug moment yesterday, I decided that I’d go in search of something more appropriate to the season for today’s festive soundtrack. I failed.

I came across the album, Christmas in the Country, on Spotify which included today’s track. What it was doing there, I’ve no idea, since Belshazah (sic) by Johnny Cash owes its inspiration to the Old Testament and the prophet Daniel rather than the nativity, but there you go. Read more ›››

Buy Nothing At All

I had the idea of posting the odd bit of festive music on the run up to Christmas, but I have to admit to distinct feelings of Bah! Humbug at the moment.

This is unusual for me as I have always enjoyed Christmas — the crowds on the high street, the parties, the blessed relief when the shops finally close on 24 December and there is nothing more to buy even if you wanted to, the day itself shared with your nearest and dearest, sharing gifts while carols play, Top Gear Christmas Special on the telly, good food and lots of it, even the jokes in the crackers. But not this year. Read more ›››


I’ve been speaking even less sense than usual this week having had a tooth taken out by the dentist that left me with a face half paralysed and what feels like a gaping hole in my palate.

Despite the feeble old joke, the header falls down on all counts. My appointment was at 12:30 and the tooth didn’t hurt at all. Read more ›››

The Rolling Stones

The Beechams Ultra All in One capsules did the trick and we made it to my niece’s wedding yesterday, albeit there was a powerful menthol whiff of Jakemans Throat and Chest sweets around our pew.

The ceremony went well and the couple looked perfect. There was just the one tricky moment during the signing of the register when my dad choose the lull between organ tunes to state quite loudly, “It still seems queer having a lady vicar,” but I think I covered it with a diplomatic coughing fit. Read more ›››

Excused Games

I was going to attempt to write this as if I was speaking with blocked up sinuses, which I have, but I couldn’t be bothered. I am not well — some bug going round the Parrot household that causes headaches, a sore throat and an overwhelming desire to stay in bed.

That’s why I didn’t post anything yesterday which is a pity because I was going to write in support of student rioters. Maybe tomorrow. Read more ›››