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Note To Self

I watched the Scotland and England rugby match on Saturday for no other reason than it happened to be on the BBC. Rugby union about too stop start for my tastes and the rules get more arcane every season – I much prefer rugby league.

But I was interested in the shot of Scotland’s Finn Russell at the end of the game that showed markings on the back of his left hand. At first I thought it must be one of those strange tattoos that sportsmen are so keen on these days, but then realised it was actually a numbered list of instructions. Read more ›››


Oh dear, I’ve finally succumbed to the temptation of posting a photo of last night’s dinner, but at least I didn’t feel compelled to share it with the world as seems to be de rigueur among the Twitterati.

I’m not a great cook, in fact I still limit my aspirations to mediocrity, but sometimes I hanker after something specific and have no option but to don my apron and make a mess in the kitchen. Read more ›››

Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman Poster

One of my dad’s favourite childhood memories is being taken on a day out to York by my gran. When they arrived there by train, instead of going off somewhere, they hung around in the station. Dad found out why when the Flying Scotsman pulled up at the platform and there on the footplate was my granddad in his blue overalls and his face black with coal dust. Read more ›››


About the only time I catch onto something that has gone viral is when I catch a dose of the flu, unless I happen to be alerted to it by by one of the blogs I read, and so it was in the case of the rude waitress.

This video in a Chicago fast food spot has swept the interweb apparently, although it passed me by. My own experience in the US is that waiting staff are jolly and polite as a general rule, but I’d pay good money to witness a performance like this. Read more ›››

Moral Turpitude

When we were applying for visas to visit the US a few years ago, I was left scratching my head over whether I was guilty of the sin of ‘moral turpitude’. I was pretty sure I wasn’t, but looked it up just to be sure.

It turns out that this is a legal concept covering ‘conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals’ and relieved that I had passed the test, I ticked the no box. But I wonder how many people simply lie? Read more ›››

I’ve never really thought about what it is that the Hare Krishnas actually believe in, other than finger-cymbals, pink robes and repetitive mantras, but it seems they do believe in Hogmanay. We got back from the Concert in the Parks at around 1 am and found a Hare Krishna party going on outside our front door. They seemed a very jolly bunch and they were happily handing out shortbread to passers-by without pausing for breath. Read more ›››


They reckon there 75,000 people from 80 different countries in Edinburgh for Hogmanay and it felt as if I bumped into each and everyone of them over the course of the evening.

The day didn’t get off to the best of starts for me though. I don’t know if if was the effects of the cold or something I ate, but I had felt ill throughout the previous night. Read more ›››

Harry Parrot and the Philosopher’s Toe

The wonderful thing about the ageing process is the tremendous accumulation of knowledge that builds up in your brain over the years. Unfortunately there is also a downside – with such a khichuri of trivia sloshing round the cranial cavity, when you dredge up a nugget of information, you’re never quite sure where it came from or even if it is true or not. Read more ›››