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National Stereotypes

We were chatting with Ms P via the wonder of FaceTime™ and got onto the subject of national stereotypes for the places we’ve visited. Not in a nasty, xenophobic way I hasten to add, but rather the cultural differences and idiosyncrasies that are fond and abiding memories.

For example, in South Africa it was the Capetonians notions of time and the concept of ‘now’. Read more ›››

The Party’s Over (Nearly)

Sunset at Ao Phrao

We are leaving Ko Samet today with many very fond memories, not least the trip round the island last evening and the picture postcard sunset at Ao Phroa.

That was after we has spent forty minutes or so snorkeling over the coral reef at the southern tip of the island, surrounded by fish of every colour of the rainbow who seemed as much interested in us as we were in them… Read more ›››

Expect the Unexpected


There must be something in the Thai air, or maybe the water, but Mrs P has been trying all sorts of things I would never have expected her to. Like parasailing.

Mrs P isn’t great on heights so when she said she’d booked to be towed behind a boat like a kite, well I had to tag along with my camera, but she loved it, as you can see, even taking time out to pose… Read more ›››

Group Therapy

The group minus Adrian and Kat

Plan A was to write about our trip as we went along – settling down in front of the keyboard every evening composing an interesting (or not so interesting) travelogue as I sipped a tropical fruit punch – but things didn’t work out that way.

There was little time for anything but sleep between all the things we visited, and as I didn’t have a plan B it seems I will have to write up our tour very much in the past tense, something that may take me a while to complete. Read more ›››

Asian Time

One of the things that Thais, Cambodians and Vietnamese talk about a lot is Asian Time. The notion that a different sense of urgency attends daily life and that things happen when they happen and not before. Indeed it is something they take great pride in.

But we haven’t seen much evidence of it since we set off on our tour of this small part of the Asian sub-continent – it has been a hell for leather rush from hither to thither, all organised with clockwork precision… Read more ›››

Let’s Fun, Let’s Happy


It has been an exhausting day on the move. First a yomp across the beach with our luggage, a speedboat ride to Bam Phe from Ko Samet, a motorcyle taxi along the pier, a minibus to Rayong, a quick ride in one of those open sided truck/taxis that I can’t remember the name of, them a two and a half hour taxi to Bangkok… Read more ›››

You know when you’ve been tangoed

Yuan the Monk

I mentioned previously that we managed to get ‘monked’ on our first day on Ko Samet, by which I mean we were mugged in a very gentle Buddhist sort of way.

It was our first foray out of the resort complex and within a few minutes walk we came across an enormous statue of Hanuman up some dragon guarded steps from the road… Read more ›››

Frequent Foodie

Food Seller

One of the things that worried me ahead of the trip was the food. Not that I mind Thai cooking though, it was just the thought of whether it might pall as a constant diet for four weeks or so.

But as it happens, I have been very happily surprised by the quality of the food. It seems that the Thais do have a love of eating which they indulge at pretty much every opportunity, whether at home or on the street… Read more ›››