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Just Married

I suspect that I’m about at the end of talking about our time in Las Vegas (relieved sighs all round) apart from perhaps a photo or two on Flickr.

Like the one on the left that I snapped on The Strip. I was taken with the incongruity of the lady on the bike holding the posy of flowers. It was only afterwards that I spotted the ‘Just Married’ sign on the back of the bike in the forefront. Read more ›››

Dam Fine

Hoover Dam

As we neared the end of our holiday, there was something of a dash to tick off the things on our must-see list and one of the biggest was the Hoover Dam.

We’d seen it several times before, of course, but only from the air, once on the flight path to McCarran Airport and twice from the Twin Otter to and from the Grand Canyon, but not up close and personal. Read more ›››

Vorsprung durch Technik

1957 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop

I worked out that it wasn’t so much jet lag as simple lack of sleep that was making me feel decidedly odd after the return trip from Las Vegas.

Between getting up on Wednesday morning and going to bed at home on Friday night, we’d had precisely four hours sleep out of fifty-five! Read more ›››


Philly Control Tower

I’ve never suffered from jetlag before, or rather I’ve never travelled so far east or west that my body clock has reacted badly to the time difference.

There was a touch of that when we flew out to Vegas, of course, as we chased the day, setting off around 9am and arriving at 6:30pm. This caused me to wake early for the first few days and caused me to be generally out of flunter, although no great hardship. Read more ›››

The Tipping Point


We had another Las Vegas weather experience to add to add to our list last night – an electrical storm of sheet lightning and distant thunder,.

Not that we got wet. It had been windy all day yesterday and the clouds began to gather and crash in the evening, but the rain passed us by.

You could see the clouds’ frayed edges in the distance where the rain would be falling, although it probably evaporated before it reached the ground. Read more ›››

Top o’ the World Ma


Even though we did a fair bit of foot-slogging when we stayed in Sin City, we didn’t make it as far north as the Stratosphere, which is probably as well since it’s not the sort of area you want to wander through on foot.

Too much crime make it less than the perfect tourist destination, unless by car with the doors locked, which makes you wonder why the developers chose this site to build the tallest building west of the Mississippi. Read more ›››

Cor Luvaduck

Prudence about to leave

We had two unexpected visitors drop by yesterday in the shape of a pair of Mallard Ducks.

We were sitting on the patio when the two of them swooped towards the pool. Fortunately they spotted that the inviting blue water was actually the pool cover and activated their air brakes just in time. Read more ›››

High Fliers

Having finally arrived at The Strip after two weeks in Las Vegas, we immediately celebrated by leaving town again.

The Grand Canyon had been on our ‘must-see’ list since we began planning our trip back in the UK and ended up fitting it in in the middle of our Sin City sojourn. But the issue wasn’t when we should visit, but how to get there? Read more ›››