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Queue Tips

One of the defining characteristics of Britishness is queueing, a skill honed through centuries of self-discipline, patience, politeness and quiet grumbling.

But just when we think we have a special talent nailed, along come the Americans to turn it into an Olympic demonstration event. Read more ›››

Strip Soccer

Las Vegas Strip

It is a great source of amusement that we have been here for two weeks and yet have managed not to visit Vegas proper.

This isn’t strictly true as we did enjoy a late lunch at the Bellagio on Friday and took in a couple of performances of the dancing fountains, but we soon sought refuge back in peaceful Gagnier Boulevard. And I forgot my camera. Read more ›››

When Checkout Girls Go Bad

Angry Sales Assistant

One of the striking things about America is how friendly, helpful and attentive the shop assistants are even in the most down-market store, and you very quickly start to take it for granted.

But when a sales assistant turns bad it’s a real shock to the system, like getting a kick in the nuts from the Dhali Lama or having a Jehovah’s Witness telling you to f**k off. It’s ain’t natural. Read more ›››

Bluebird of Happiness

Before I leave Bryce Canyon behind, here is a photo of a little fella we saw when we were up there. It isn’t a great photo as he wasn’t very cooperative and shot off when he saw my camera. By the time I’d switched lenses, he was off in the distance which is why he’s a little blurry.

But I’m pretty sure he is a Mountain Bluebird and he proved to be a good auger of happiness for the next stage of our trip to Utah. Read more ›››

A Surfeit of Wonderment

Our decision to visit southern Utah instead of southern California has proved to be fortuitous, not least because the west coast has had late Spring thunderstorms since Tuesday, so we could have been wandering round Los Angeles in the rain.

And neither would we have discovered the delights of Utah and Bryce Canyon National Park which we hadn’t even considered in our planning back home. Read more ›››


Chinese Book of Mormon

If there is a place you might expect to be lectured on the evils of alcohol, a Mormon town in Utah would be it, but the person you’d least expect to receive the lecture from would be the person trying to sell you a beer.

We drove up to Utah yesterday to see some of the great natural wonders of the state and landed in Panguitch where we were to spend the night. Read more ›››

Would You Credit It

Joshua Tree

Aren’t credit card companies wonderful at saving you from yourself? I finally got round to booking hotel rooms for our trip to Utah when Master Card intervened.

The first booking at Panguitch went through without a problem, but the problems started when I tried to book rooms in Springdale and the websites kept refusing to authorise payment. Read more ›››

Have A Nice Day

Nice Day

When coming to the US, we were more a less prepared to be told to ‘have a nice day’ at every turn and so it has proved to be, but not in the cosmetic, corporate customer training way we expected.

People do appear to be genuinely interested in you as well as your money. Read more ›››