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Don’t Fence Me In

You'll be sor-ree

We finally got round to making plans for where we want to go go while we’re in the US, or rather we got round to ripping them up.

Our original intention was to hire a car and drive over to Los Angeles to take in some sights there before heading south along the coast road to San Diego where the big attraction was the zoo. Read more ›››

Peak Performance

From Exploration Peak

Careless talk costs lives as they say, or at least it did during WWII. These days it tends to lead to rude awakenings.

Last night we were at the neighbour’s house for ‘happy hour’ – a pretty loose description since it lasted from 5:30 to 9pm and beyond. From their deck we could see the illuminated Exploration Peak in the distance and Mrs P happened to mention that she like to climb it and before we knew it, arrangements had been made. Read more ›››

The Bright Arrival Planned

Humming Bird

The one thing you keep your fingers crossed for as you start out on a long journey is an uneventful one. No delays, no cancellations, no missed connections and definitely no security body searches.

But once you’re several hours into a mind (and bum) numbing flight, you almost wish for a little excitement in the hope that it will make the time pass quicker. Read more ›››

Beware Friendly Homosexuals

A Friendly Homosexual

I was only saying the other day that religion should play no part in politics (and vice versa) when along comes that video of the Rev Dennis Terry rant before he introduced would-be US President Rick Santorum.

Makes you despair doesn’t it? Watching US comedies and tv dramas, you’d think that as a country they have developed a more open-minded view of the world, but not so apparently. Read more ›››

California Here I Come

Well the die is cast. The trip to the US I mentioned last week is now on. The flight tickets are booked and the credit card has taken a bruising.

We’re are off to California, and one or two other states, like that other well-known communist, Lucille Ball*, pictured. (I’m not really a communist, but I could probably pass for one in the US.) Read more ›››