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Sunday Round-up

Sharpen up: A pencil obsessed man in Pakistan has set a world record for crafting the largest swing made entirely of pencils.

Tasty: Looking for a fun day out for all the family? Try the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö, Sweden, which includes mouth-watering exhibits such as spicy rabbit heads, three penis wine and a goat kid’s rennet cheese described as tasting of gasoline and ammonia mixed with wax. Read more ›››

Esio Trot

The Christmas and New Year holiday has been a gorge fest of television programmes but of all the films and ‘specials’, the one that has stood out for me is the re-run of Esio Trot.

This BBC made-for-tv film first appeared in 2014 and is one of the most charming, eccentric and heart-warming productions you could ever hope to see. Read more ›››

Plan D

You would think with all the Christmases I’ve seen that I would have got the hang of the festive season or at least its immediate aftermath, but apparently not.

On Tuesday we had the bright idea of taking a trip to the cinema. Had this involved Mrs P I dare say the planning would have been more precise but as it was just me and son and daughter things were rather vague. Read more ›››

These are a few of my favourite things

Of all the subjects I haven’t written about over the last few weeks, the one that I should have done is to answer that question you were always asked as a child ‘And what did you get for Christmas?’

There is a reason, other than me being an irregular blogger these days, and that is the sheer pressure of the holiday season. Read more ›››

Blobfest 2012

Friday Run Out

It’s always good to get feedback through comments – it makes it feel less like you’re just whistling in the dark.

It is especially nice when you hear from the people you’ve written about, as when the author, Stephen Leather, left a thank you after my review of his book Nightmare.

I can only assume they have themselves set up on a Google Alert. Read more ›››

Y is for Irvin Yeaworth

Irvin Yeaworth

It may come as a surprise, but the 1958 cult classic sci-fi movie, The Blob, was directed by Presbyterian minister, Irvin Yeaworth, owner of Christian production company, Good News Productions.

Yeaworth was born in Berlin in 1926 and began his show business career at the age of ten, singing on KDKA in Pittsburgh, the world’s first commercial radio station. Read more ›››


We don’t get to the cinema as often as we should which is why I haven’t had the need for a films post category. At least until now after taking advantage of the extra bank holiday to see Prometheus.

The problem with new films is how to review them without giving too much away, but I’ll do my best. Read more ›››