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Do the Hokey Pokey

I must be feeling extremely content because not a thing has occured to me that I felt I must post about. Not one.

Perhaps it’s just that I have finally unwound over the Christmas holiday, but more likely it’s because I’ve been immersed in the world of Skyrim. Read more ›››

Florence Said

I have been indulging my inner teenager by by playing Dragon Age II, something I’m prepared to admit I have enjoyed even if my previous revelation brought nothing but derision from Mr Pudding.

I don’t intend waxing lyrical about the quality of the game play, the plot, the visuals etc, but feel I must mention Inon Zur‘s soundtrack. It is quite stunning and a sign of the times that a composer should ply his trade in the video game industry. Read more ›››

Voice of America

Dragon Age

Overseas call centres are the bane of my life, especially when the person on the other end of the phone claims to be called Steve or Robert or somesuch when clearly that isn’t his given name.

I’ve sometimes thought about adding the subject to my occasional Life’s Little Irritants theme, but it too obvious a target even for my carping criticism, like shooting fish in a barrel. Read more ›››


>While I’m easily distracted by the computer, it usually isn’t by games, if you exclude the online variety, like 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool.

This is probably as well since most of them are reserved for game stations, rather than the PC and the few times I’ve tried the X-Box or whatever, I found out that you need the dexterity of a pianist and the reactions of an F1 driver, neither of which I possess. Read more ›››

Good Game, Good Game

Great game this even if they do spell it ‘defense’! Read more ›››

…But I Know What I Like

The Telegraph’s Screen Break is rapidly becoming a favourite in my personal Brief History of Time Wasting, not for itself, but for the wonderful places it takes you. Like the above paper sculpture by Peter Calleson made from a single A4 sheet of the sort sitting in your printer’s paper tray. Fantastic. And check out the other examples. Read more ›››

Words of Charity

One of the downsides of these days of debit cards is that you often don’t have any change in your pocket when someone rattles the charity tin at you as happened to me today as I left Morrisons.

I’ve a lot of time for these people who give up their Sunday afternoons collecting money for good causes only to be ignored by 90% of shoppers who walk past them, heads down avoiding eye contact. Read more ›››

Gift Ideas for Blokes – 4

By definition, this isn’t a gift idea for your hubby, but perhaps one for a religiously ambitious brother or brother-in-law, Vatican The Board Game which promises to be:

“…historically accurate, is more compelling than the depictions of the Catholic Church in popular culture. Reality and truth are always more interesting than fiction.” Read more ›››